Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone is Scary

I have reached the stage where I need to do more. I need to do something NOW!

I am standing at the edge of the path and I have only two choices; I must either step onto the new path or walk back the way I came. I hate just about everything from where I emerged from. I really don't want to go back that way. Step back into the mundane. The lack of fulfillment. My soul cringes at the thought of returning. So, why would I even consider turning around and walking back that way? I am familiar with that road. I know all the bumps and potholes in that road.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Single and Thanks to Fear Will Probably Stay That Way

The above photo is from the Dating Site Murderer, who seems creepy but he has good intentions. Those memes crack me up. You know what other memes I like? The sarcastic Willie Wonka memes. Those are hilarious. Anyway. . . back to the post.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Motivation Man Monday: Les Brown

I know it is Man Crush Monday on the Internet however, even though, I love . . . adore . . .and admire Les Brown. I think of him as an uncle. Seriously, I truly feel like he is the Uncle I should have in my life but, my family keeps playing.

Monday, May 12, 2014

15 Things I Love Right Now

I was over on Facebook, where it seems I hang out most of the time but, really I am just a 'peeker' - you know peek in, read timeline, and leave. Well, I am lying, I post too . . . mostly articles from around the web or music videos. Well, every once in a while my thoughts. Ugh! Okay, I hang on Facebook quite a bit. Anyway. I was over on Facebook and someone had decided to post 30 things that they were loving. I don't know if the plan was everyday or all at once; like I said I sometimes just scroll and roll. Well, I too decided to make a list. Only thing is after some intense [but not really that intense] thought, I decided 15 is all I can achieve. haha.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Because, I Still Have These Moments

I have been down. I have been having pity parties. I have been accusing God of hating me. I have been mean. I have been snarky. And then, my song came on. I haven't listened to it in a year. How could I not listen to my song for so long?

I love this video.

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