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Sharon's Page

I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, animals, and oh, wait a minute . . . this isn't e-harmony.

Why am I always getting so confused?

Old age.
I will tell you that if you are looking for correct sentence structure or punctuation then you won’t find it here. I am as imperfect as they come.

Yes, that really sums me up . . . imperfection at its finest.

Oh,yeah, I also am only one and one fourth step from falling into the realm of complete insanity.

Okay here are the basics.

Mother of 2. Some of my favorite things are mascara, big sunglasses, and high heels. I also enjoy a good book and traveling.

Semi-Official Bio:


Sharon Rainey is the creator of two blogs The True Urban Queen and Queen in Heels.

The True Urban Queen is her personal blog where she shares tidbits from her life.

Facebook: TheTrueUrbanQueen
Instagram: TrueUrbanQueen
Twitter: TrueUrbanQueen
YouTube: Sharon Rainey
Snapchat: TrueUrbanQueen

Queen in Heels is currently on hiatus. I needed a break. I have taken the blog down. I still own the domain url and have plans to rebrand and relaunch Queen in Heels in the near future. Somewhere between 6 month to a year. Stay tuned for updates and the call for contributors.

Facebook: QueeninHeels
Twitter: QueeninHeels

Certified Event Planner:

Sharon Rainey has always considered herself a creative person. Some of her favorite hobbies include crafting, sewing, designing, and entertaining. What began as hobbies and the occasional favor for friends, grew into a passion. Through classes both at her local community college and online she has developed her creativity into certified skills.


As a blogger, Sharon recognized the power and influence of a blogger’s voice. Even a blogger with a relativity small following can have an impact of large proportions. She also knows and understands how social media is a major influence in our daily live. Combined with her passion for putting on fabulously awesome events, she launched Awesomely Shared,Llc. Awesomely Shared,LLC helps companies and brands access and activate influencers, their networks, and communities. At Awesomely Shared we create innovative events where the fun spreads beyond the venue walls.

Facebook: Awesomely Shared
Twitter: Awesomely Shared


Noire Vie, a beauty, hair, fashion, and wellness expo. The mission of this expo is an all-encompassing lifestyle event that focuses on the importance of looking good on the outside and feeling even better on the inside. There is also a focus on financial health as well.

Facebook: Noire Vie
Twitter: NoirVie_

Inclusive City (website coming soon) is dedicated to bringing awesome events to the minority-owned small businesses of Pittsburgh. These events will included workshops, mixers, networking opportunities, and more.

Facebook: Inclusive City
Twitter: InclusiveCity_

Blogging and Social Media Consultant :

Sharon Rainey has also taught others about the business of owning and maintaining a blog through classes and workshops. She taught the class, "The Business of Blogging" at Community College of Allegheny County. Today, she offers consultations to bloggers who want to take their blog to the next level. She also advises businesses who are building their presence on social media.