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Consistency and Creativity: Let's Take a Tour

I have decided that besides being more consistent blogging here, I am going to start sharing more posts on my creative side. So, that means I will be sharing my hopes, dreams, goals, business plans, business lessons, and business growth. As well as my crafting, sewing, and decorating projects. Plus, factor in inspiration and motivation posts. This all means (in a nutshell), I will be sharing a whole lotta bunch of awesome stuff.

And what better way to kickoff my "once again I am going to be consistent and blog three days a week" pledge than to share photos on my new home office/sewing room/crafting space.

First, though let me give you a quick back story. My new room is actually my son's bedroom. That's right I kicked him out the house. I can't stand teenagers and their bad attitude. No, I am kidding. He was compensated for it quite nicely. He know lives in what was the family room. And believe me, he is loving the exchange. I know you may be wondering why I didn't just take over that room, but for many reasons taking his bedroom was the better choice.

Okay, let the tour (and commentary) begin.

My girlz hanging out with me. Yes, the Bratz from when my daughter was a young girl are still a fashionable as ever and it is only natural they would be part of my awesome space. See the lovely clock above them. I have had my beautiful Native American girl for 20 yrs. Handmade and painted (not by me).

That Mickey "poster" is really an 1000 piece puzzle that I put together years ago when we first moved in the house. It was the originally in the in the Disney themed family room, that I changed to be more adult when the children got older, and Mickey went in a closet. But, I was like let me put him up cause he is styling. Spiderman ( my son's old toy) is guarding all my awesome work.

One half of the my inspiration, to-do, reminder, and motivation wall. This is where my desk is placed. I really need a new white board. This one was a hand-me-down. Also, I have recycled my son's old toy bin into a supply holder.

The other half of the wall. My desk. And some shelving.

My quiet corner. And the pillows on the floor are actually for the dogs, but I keep using them as a table. haha. Of course, my children, my greatest inspirations, are gracing my wall.

Now, an up close look of  two inspiration and motivation photos on my wall. I actually keep my yearly made vision board on a wall in my living room. I haven't shared it on here however, I will be posting about that later. There is more to the area the vision board is in. The above photos are also part of my vision and in the fashion theme of the room.

I absolutely love this ad I tore out of a magazine. I look at it and see  . . . it would take a separate post just to touch the tip of the me I see in it.

And lastly, I am looking for the perfect fabric to duplicate this dress. Not this print. Something else. Not sure what. I will know it when I find it. I will let you know when I do. And when I sew it there will most definitely be photos.

That is all for the tour. I have some projects that I am working on that I will be sharing in future posts. Let me share a little about two or three you will see posted here in the very near future.

* The skirts I am sewing to match my business cards. Yes, you read that right. Yes, I will explain . . .later.

* A magazine tote bag I am working on. Actual magazine pages.

* The awesome African print outfits I am making for my children and I.

Stay awesome.