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Where Did Queen in Heels Go?

Hola. Hello. How is it going? I am going to use this post to answer a question. The question that I have been asked quite a few times by quite a few folks. "Why did you take Queen in Heels down?"

I loved blogging at Queen in Heels. It was a gateway to many opportunities for me. However, as I changed, I didn't change the format of Queen in Heels and I begin to waver in my passion and commitment to it. What I mean by change is when I began Queen in Heels, I was in love this fashion particularly, footwear. And if you know me you know that footwear is high heels. I still love a pair of gorgeous high heels, but eventually, I didn't want to write about them or fashion on a daily basis. Yes, I could have put up posts on other subjects. Which I did do . . . sometimes. The thing is, I would always go back to the easy posts of shoes (fashion). Or I was pulled that way thanks to sponsors and programs I belonged to. What happens is as I stated above. I lost my passion and my commitment.

I went from posting daily, to every other day, to every week, to . . . well I had a very sporadic posting schedule. I am sure you are thinking well, that is what you do here. That is very true. However, Queen in Heels had obligations. This is a personal blog. I would get an email from a company about xyz and while that use to excite me, I no longer cared. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the opportunities, the money, and the goodies. I just wanted to turn Queen in Heels into something better. Unfortunately, my lack of passion left me at odds with the new direction I wanted to go. That resulted in me becoming frustrated and overwhelmed so I did what I can do best. Nothing.

Then, I would tell someone I am the owner of Queen in Heels and I would become embarrassed because if they visited the site they would find an not updated site. That would lead me to guilt and feeling bad about everything. In short, it was becoming a headache and though I loved it, I needed a break. Not just a break, I needed a fresh start. So, I pulled the site down.

I still own the domain. My plan is to revive it some time between now and a year from now. Bring it back with a new plan, a new direction, and a fresh spirit.

Oh, shoes and fashion will still be a part of Queen in Heels just not the focus.