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1. I deserve complete happiness.

2. I will avoid toxic relationships, people and situations.

3. I deserve wealth. I will build my brand.

4. I deserve to be healthy. I will exercise and eat properly.

5. I am worthy of all the good things that will come my way.

6. I will smile, I will laugh, and when needed I will cry and let it go.

7. I will not complain about what I cannot change; I will concentrate on what I can.

8. I will surround myself with like-minded goal-oriented people who inspire and uplift. I will cease association with those who have no goals, thrive on gossip, and are spiteful toward others following their dreams.

9. I will not allow negative feeling to hinder me.

10. I will not worry about the 'problems' of tomorrow.

11. I will not let fear stop me from going after my dreams.

12. I will love myself!!!