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31 Days to Power: My Personal Challenge

It is May. The month of my birthday. And I have placed a challenge on myself. I have told myself it is do or die time (and this time I really mean it!!). I know that I have to finish sharing my Befriending Myself List with you all (so far we covered Gratitude however, I need to take that list, twist it, poke it, stretch it, and use it to push myself to the max.

I am in the midst of to-do lists, making more to-do lists, and creating the to-get done memos. I have given myself 30 days to make some moves. Take the blogs to the next level. Get my business established. Tone my behind. Eat healthier. Just to name a few items. The goals of my 31 days challenge mirror my overall list of life goals but, the twist is I am putting an end to the procrastination. The ADHD - I do not intend to sound as if I am making fun of someone with this condition - I seriously seem to develop it when it is time for me to sit down and work. It is like I need to get up and do 300 different things at that moment. The anxiety and fear. It's like they say any time I feel like I am on the cusp of something great, I tend to get scared and back off.

I am challenging myself to stay focused, fight the fear, and get to that truly happy place. I have a calender on my wall that I must write my daily actions on. For example, if I studied my Spanish (more on that in another post), I need to write down how much time I spent on it. Along with my to-do lists and calender (actually calenders as I use several for various reasons); I must write down all my actions, thoughts, and anything else on my mind about my challenge in a notebook I have just for that purpose. Yes, I wrote 31 Days to Power on the front of a notebook. No, you may never read it.

Though, I am sure I will end up sharing a few things with you all here.

And lastly, yes, updating this blog more often is on the list.

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