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Befriending Myself

For many years (up until a few years ago), I have been my own worst enemy. Seriously, I didn't have any naysayers or dream crushers who could belittle me the way I could belittle me. I had myself believing that some of us are just meant to live a life of unhappiness and I was the one fated to do so.

Even when things were going great, I always would harbor, in the back of my mind, that 'this too shall pass' and the misery would return. Then, there was the mean spirited, spiteful, and hurtful way I spoke to myself over all the mistakes I have made. So, of course, I believed that since I am older and wasted my youth, it was too late to try to fix things that weren't working or for me to chase a dream or two.

Somewhere, somehow, someway those thoughts changed.

Enough was enough. I realized I am too old, too wonderful, too intelligent, too blessed, and too freakin' pretty to be so stressed and miserable. I needed to take control of my thoughts. I needed to quit allowing myself to put myself down. It didn't matter what I have had happened to me in the past. I could be a victim of the past or I could . . . not forget but . . . allow the lessons, triumphs, pains, heartaches, and experiences to motivate me to love myself, care for myself, and be the best self I can become. Regardless of where I am in life, my age, my circumstances, my bank account, my relationship status, my race, or any other excuse, I may have allowed to creep in my mind.

The other big thing I need to do. . . STICK WITH THIS MIND FRAME! I have said I am going to be more . . . happier, healthier, positive . . . many times before. Only to have that last a short period of time before . . . BOOM! It all came crashing down and I am in a gray self-loathing smog once again. The difference these last few years has been the actions I have taken with the thoughts. I have broken these down into 8 areas.

1. Gratitude
2. Positive thinking
3. Healthy Living
4. Respecting the World (environment)
5. Examining relationships
6. Organization
7. Education/Learning
8. Building my Brand

These areas are the way I have decided to break up my method of befriending myself/seeking joy for posting/writing about. In real life, they are all interlinked and must be practiced together. I will cover each area in separate posts. Until then . . . look in a mirror, smile and say, "I love you".