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Gratitude Keeps Me Thankful and Sane

Okay, first on the Befriending Myself List is Gratitude.

For years, I would wonder where was my next blessing or why didn’t I have the next item on my list. It seemed to me that everyone around me were getting the good stuff while, I was sitting under the table waiting for the crumbs to fall. Eventually, when I started going through my "enlightening period," I realized that I needed to count the blessings I had. It wasn’t until I actually started to practice - as in write the things I was thankful for down in a journal – that I realized that had plenty to be thankful for. It wasn’t until I focused on the haves that I realized I needed to stay focused on the haves. It wasn’t until I was appreciative of the small things that I realized I may not have what the Joneses have but, I have more than the Smiths. And I know this will sound like everything you have read in a self-help/Law of Attraction book however, it is really true . . . once I began to appreciate the small things, I began to gain more.

Now, I have to admit, sometimes, actually many times, I do fail to write my daily gratitude in my journal. That doesn’t mean I have given it up. I just pick it up when another day, write the date, and continue.

Oh, well I guess I better quickly tell you all about my journal. I have a pretty journal that is dedicated to writing a daily list of three to five things I am thankful for. It is ideal to write about the wonderful things that occurred that day. You also do not want to repeat the same list every day or every other day.

Yes, some things go without saying . . . a parent is thankful for a child daily. When you first start your journal, on day one, list the children, the job, the home, the family, the spouse and then begin to look for something new each day. Also, the things you are grateful for that day can be as simple as a cup of coffee to as huge as the remission of cancer.

Below are a 10 entries (with a quick explanation of why I wrote it) from my journal:

1. My children: Doesn’t need explained. They are two very awesome human beings who I have enjoy watching grow and discover their path.

2. That I own a home: Let me tell you . . . owning a home is expensive. However, with that said, when people tell me what they pay in rent or when they are dealing with problem landlords or when they are apartment hunting because of a list of reasons they must move . . . I love owning that much more.

3. Family: Brother, sister, nephews, nieces, and everyone else. Sometimes, they make you wanna holla but, I love them dearly.

4. Herbal tea: Yes! Yes! A cup of herbal tea can get my blood moving and restore my spirit. And the aroma invigorates me.

5. Starksy and Hutch: Yes, I do mean the show from the 1970’s. Not only is it one of my favorite shows; I own all 4 seasons on DVD. I can put it in a disc, get under the covers and watch all day long. Here is a bonus entry: The Rockford Files.

6. The Internet: The access of the Internet has given me the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and make a living.

7. Heat: This winter has been one of the coldest we have had in a long time. I believe on the day I wrote this we were at -20 degrees outside.

8. Yoga: I am only a beginner (I will not be doing pretzel twists any time soon) however, I have already noticed the effect it is having on my body and I love it.

9. Justin Timberlake tickets: I won two free tickets to see Justin Timberlake when he came to my city. The seats were awesome and my daughter and I had a fun evening out.

10. The Alchemist: It is such an amazing and uplifting book.

Do you keep a journal?