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Conversations and Overhearing

Me: Mommy's a little tired. I am going to to take a 15 minute nap. (Gets up and walks toward the stairs)

Son: Make it 30 minutes (sarcastically to himself)

Me: *giggles* WOW


Watching one of the Betty White skits on SNL . . .repeat On Demand. She is on a radio talk show talking about "muffins". After a minute into the skit . . .

Me: you know they are really being nasty and talking about Va-ja-ja.

Daughter: I know this mommy (as if I insulted her teenage intelligence).

Me: Oh yeah (raise eyebrow) and what else do you know?

Daughter: *giggles

Me: Whatever


Luv said…
these kids are a different breed.. girl u gots to watch them
Rich Fitzgerald said…
Kids are funny. I luv getting into their heads.

Your house sounds like mine.
Sultana said…
they are showing you how much they've grown up!
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