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Hello, Is it Me You Are Looking For?

Wow 2016!

And I haven't blogged in about 6 months. I am a horrible blogger. I say this time I am going to blog every day. Or this time I am going to blog every week. When the truth is I may not blog once a month. HAHA. I am going to try and work on this.

My goal is once a week on this blog. But in my defense. . . no let me stop. I am making excuses. I am the Queen of excuses. Procrastination. Doubt. And obviously negative talk.

Hey one thing for sure. I am rather honest about my flaws and all.

So, for the 4 of you reading this blog. . . thank you. HAHA. Actually, I am sometimes surprised when I see how many people have read a post. I mean it's not 100,000 not even 500, but at least someone stop by. Even if it may have been an accident.

I bet you think I am feeling down or something. I am not. I am actually in a really good mood. I am working on new projects. I am putting new adventures on my calendar. Going out to network. I am looking forward to pushing myself a little higher. Reaching my goals and just staying on a positive path.

Well, I am going to update this blog. No set schedule. But I will update it because it is on my list of things to keep doing. I want to use this space to help achieve a few other things. So, hello from the other side.

This scene from Family Guy makes me cracks me up every time.

Thought of the day: According to the app Duolingo I can understand 34% of Spanish. I really need to step up my studies.
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