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Introverts Really Don't Promote Themselves Very Well

Believe it or not, I am an introvert. Which is so odd to think of myself as because when I am teaching a class or once I get to know a group of people, I tend to really let go. Yet, some how, I am still an introvert.

I have few, as in really really few friends. By friends I mean the type I call on the phone or those who call me . . .at least once a week. The kind I hang out with frequently. The kind I have over to my home. And now that I have put that out there, I realize, I really don't have any friends. With that sad revelation revealed let me get to the point of this post.

I don't promote myself very well. Now when it comes to others, I can promote you, talk to others about you, and shout your projects from the rooftop. When it comes to myself. I am the wallflower in when attending a networking group. I will not voluntarily introduce myself and I will not talk about my business or blog. It is a big disservice to my family, to my business, to my blog, to my bank account, and to myself.

It's like you could be here (insert goal/dream here), but you introverting (not a word). Then you factor in my procrastination. Oh, and the doubting. UUUGGGGHHHH!!!!

I went to a networking group meetup. It was my 3rd time meeting with this group and while I was content with watching and listening to others. . . lo and behold, the group "leader" asked me a question. Yes, he wanted to pull me into the conversation.

 I wasn't ready. And though, I know my social media stuff (the subject at the time), I sound like a daggone fool. I was stuttering and grasping for my thoughts. I know they were thinking, who would hire you?!?

I know! I know! It is a networking group. I am there to network. I just need to get comfortable and get to know these people. I am NEVER going back. HAHA!. Okay, maybe in two weeks I will (it's a weekly group).

An old friend recommended I read the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking (affiliate link). I guess so I would understand myself and find my power. I think I better read it.

Whatever, I guess I do prefer being at home than being out among the cool people. But, I do want to be out among the cool people especially, when it comes to promoting my business (Awesomely Shared) and blog Queen in Heels. Because a unpromoted (not a word) business is a broke business.

Random thought of the day: