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How Will My Garden Grow

Sharon, Sharon how will your garden grow?

I have dabbled in gardening from time to time. I like to plant flowers in the Spring. I have my houseplants. I have my herb garden. But this year, I am going all out. I am going full blown veggie gardener.

I have been reading my gardening magazines, I have been following a few gardening sites online, I have done my research and I am mapping out my garden. The thing is (and this is the reason I haven't put up a garden sooner) I live in the country in the city. I look outside, any given day, and there are deer, hedgehogs, some raccoon, rabbits, squirrels, wild turkey and 42 different species of birds just waiting to greet me.

I am sure part of it is my fault, since all winter, I am putting out treats for them.

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Then there is issue with the trees that surround me. Now this doesn't mean that my yard is sun free. I just have limited periods. Though, the side where my neighbor's yard is located has sun for longer periods. So, I will use that side to plant the veggies that need the most sun.

Another thing is my yard is a very decent size. I have my cement patio part. The lower yard then, you step up two steps and there is a  small top part.

I know a picture would be nice, but the way my winter was set up . . . the dog had free run.

Once I get it clean, maybe a photo or two. If not here, then on my Instagram account.

The problem with my yard is the dirt is death clay. When I first brought the house I tried to deal with the clay, but eventually, it won and I accepted whatever would grow back there. I just keep it neat and tidy.

So, to deal with these issues. I have decided to do container gardening. I will build. Yes, I, as in me, myself, and I will build with my own hand a few raised garden beds. Let me tell y'all as a broke single mother and homeowner, I have become a DIY superstar. Anyway, I will do container gardening in some pots, milk crates, and other fun things I have found. I will build a few raised garden beds on the sunny side of the yard. I will experiment this summer and by next . . . if I am not traveling the world . . . I will have a system and a bounty of veggies.

I have already planted some seeds. Every two weeks, I plant more. I have seedlings sprouting up in my home. They make me happy. Any time I have grown veggies before and when I started my herb garden, I purchased already sprouted plants.

So, what am I growing this year.

Wait! Before I list them, I need you to know that because I am experimenting, I have two or more varieties of each.

1. Tomatoes
2. Cucumbers
3. Peas
4. Beans
5. Peppers
6. Squash
7. Kale
8. Spinach
9. Eggplant
10. Spinach
11. Lettuce
12. Broccoli

A vegetarian's delight.

Random thought of the day: I am watching Criminal Minds, but I have seen this scenario on so many times. Why would you go to the killer and say, "I know it was you. I am going to call the police on you." Seriously?? This may sound cruel, but you deserve to die. Okay, you don't deserve to die. I mean seriously . . . I need you to call the police from the next neighborhood over. Actually, just drive to the police station. Because going to the serial killer, crazed murderer, insane person is thee, yes, THEE stupidest move ever!!

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Shelly Ismail said…
Ooooh! Good luck on your veggie garden! I have only planted green beans and some Guyanese wiri wiri peppers. I am hoping for the best :) I mostly only do flowers and decorative plants.

P.S.: I am cracking up because one of the words in the Captcha widget was "Planter". How ironic!
Sharon Rainey said…
Thanks Shelly. I really am hoping for the best. I do flowers too, but for the front yard.
I didn't even know I had CAPTCHA on.