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10 Things I am Trying to Figure Out

In no particular order, because all my thoughts jumble together and intertwine into a massive overwhelming ball.

1. YouTube Videos

That's right, I want to put up videos. Yes, videos of me talking. The thing is, I need to find a balance. On a personal level, as a blogger, a business owner, and with my other project; I want to integrate all these things into one channel. I really do not have time to create individual channels at this stage. As I get help, I definitely will do so. Anyway, my channel is more about building me as an expert and brand. When I work it all out a link to the channel will go up on here (of course).

2. Being a Blogger

I had my blogs on my mind. I decided to let one go. It was a bittersweet decision. Now, I need to revamp and revive my Lifestyle blog. New posts, new features, new schedules, new . .. you get the point. Just have to work that all out.

3. Being a Business Owner

I have got to make this work for my sake. I also want to make it work for my children's sake. For my ego sake. For my sanity sake. For my financial sake. Let me tell you owning a business is not easy. The hustle is real.

4. In Real Life Networking

I actually attended the first networking event that I really enjoyed. They meet every Monday and I have every intention of joining them. The thing is, I know, I need to get out more and really meet new people. The other thing is, I know, I am a introverted personality. Though, when I am teaching a class or workshop, I will come to life with my pizzazz. I have to force myself to network more.

5. My Children

The worrying about them will never go away. Every time I log into social media I am reminded of the threats everywhere. I quit watching the news. I just couldn't take it any longer.

6. My Event

I am working on an event that I need to succeed. I am going to blog separately about the obstacles I am facing. But do know. . . this is consuming my mind.

7. Boko Haram

As I am typing this post, I click over to peek in on Facebook and see that . . . ‘Undefeatable’ Boko Haram Kidnap Over 400 Women and Children. This is madness and it needs to be handled. I am pissed off. This was not originally one of the items I was going to post about, but since, I did I will skip one of my other thoughts.

8. Why is it so Hard to Find Support?

I know! I know! You just cannot rely on people to care about what you are doing. Of course, I am writing of family and friends. It's like all you have to do is share one link, make on nice comment, or tell a friend. *crickets*

9. The Walking Dead

I am still pissed they killed Noah. I finally grow to like him and he gets eaten. Ugh!! Okay, this is not one I am trying to figure out. I am just still pissed!

10. How I am going to plant my garden?

I am also going to post about this. I am trying to grow more of my own produce in the spring/summer. The problem is I have a really nice size yard, however between the shade of the woods and the deer.

Random thought of the day:

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Shelly Ismail said…
Hey Sharon! It's nice to see you post on your blog. I am sure in time, all of your concerns and goals will all fall into place. It's great that you at least have an outline, so that's a start! I hope to see you post more and I will come by and show some love.