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Movie Mania Weekend

Hey, everyone! How ya'll doing? So, I didn't watch the Superbowl this past weekend. I had no intention of doing so. Since, I had no money invested in either stock and I didn't feel like even seeing the commercials (which is all I watch it for anyway), I skipped the hoopla. Thanks to social media, I knew when to check out Missy's halftime show . . . er . . . Katy Perry's halftime show. HAHA.

So, what did I do this weekend. Not a dang thing. Pitiful. I know. I know. I spent Saturday and Sunday on my living floor in a makeshift bed watching movies with my children. Yes, quality time with the babies teenagers is something.

Well, my daughter and I were the ones all into the movies. My son laid on the couch and half-watched as he watched his Youtube videos. Still we were all together chilling and that is what I basked in the thankful glory of.

My daughter has gotten bitten by the screenwriting bug. I have too but, I haven't actually written anything, I just think of stories in my head that I would love to put to paper and see on the big screen. Right now, I just need to focus on my other passion . . . the business. . . but maybe one day.

Anyway, she reads these books on screenwriting and we decided to watch one or two they mentioned in her books.

Sidenote:  Now, this isn't the only time or reason we get together to binge on movies. I like showing them movies that I liked growing up as well.

Back to this weekend. Let me just focus on Sunday's choice of movies or this post could be a book.

It was black and white movie day on Sunday. So, we are talking movies of the 1950's.

Dressed to Kill: This movie was blah. Never seen it before just wanted to put something on while we waited for food to be delivered. I had to hold my breath every time the two black janitors came on. "Why yes sir. I suppose I does." Ugh. I have to remind myself that it is just the way it was. But, it irks my soul. Also, when white actors are playing Asian characters or Indian ones.

Witness to Murder: It pretty much is Hitchcock's Rear Window movie. I still enjoyed it.

All About Eve: My fave karma is a bitch ending. Love this movie. If you have never seen it then, do. A classic movie I always enjoy.

Sunset Boulevard One of my favorite classic movies. Ms. "I am ready for my close-up" looney tooney gives me life every time. Her man servant is just as crazy. He has to be to put up with her. I guess love does make us fools.

Seriously, I was planning on writing more about these movies but, I decided not to.

Quickly! What other movies did I watch over the weekend. A few Vietnam war themed movies I really like. And a few 80's movies. And when we weren't watching movies we binged watched the awesome classic show . . . A Twilight Show.

Well, that was my weekend. Though, it wasn't productive it was time well spent. Love laughing and talking with my teenagers . . . babies.

That meme cracks me up. And makes me want to watch Napoleon Dynamite for the 1000th time.

Random thought of the day: I have been really pushing myself in my Yoga practice. I think I might be ready to share some pictures. Now, I am still a beginner (since I have started a quit so many times before) but, I am really beginning to feel and see the difference now.
 Okay, this random thought is going to be a little bit longer than others. I really am not into the whole "spiritual" side of Yoga. I just want to stretch deeply, build strength, and become flexible. I think it is a beautiful form of exercise. I love the see the poses in photos and I want to do them too (and take awesome photos). I tend to tune out the talky part of it. Namaste.

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Just Kel said…
I love Sunset Boulevard! One of my all-time favorites.

But I've never seen All About Eve... I must find it and watch.

I admire how you support your children in whatever they aim to do. Hope to see a daughter-mother movie one day!