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And Then I Went All Veggie

I am sitting here with my hair soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar and drinking a huge cup of water with organic apple cider vinegar added to it. I have so much I want to share. I also have so much that I need to finish sharing. I started sharing a few things . . . though at this moment I need to go back find the posts and then continue because, I don't know where I left off or what I already shared just know I shared some things.

Anyway, as I sit here in all my vinaigrette glory (minus the oil). I have so much on my mind. I am thinking of my gardening plans for the upcoming spring. Oh, I am so happy spring is only around the corner because winter needs to go. Let's see what else is on my mind. My business plans and whether or not I want to keep my other blogs. Well, let's just discuss my healthy living goals.

In October, I went full fledged vegetarian.

It all began in August when my daughter announced she no longer would be eating meat. I was like . . . ugh!! Not because she decided to become a vegetarian but, because I had just returned from the store with two packs of chicken legs. I don't eat chicken legs. I never liked them. My son only eats chicken legs every once in a while. And that is not a very often once in a while. I had brought these legs just for her. I was like, "It would have been nice if you made this announcement before I left for the store."

I mean if I was only buying meat for one person. I would have saved money that shopping trip. Yes, this was August and I went veggie in October so, I am sure you are thinking why would I only buy meat for one person. If you weren't then, pretend you were.

I gave up pork about five years ago. From the days of being a little girl to now, I was not a fan of chicken on the bone. That's right chicken wings, chicken legs, wingdings, whatever. . . I'll pass. I did eat chicken breast. Yes, you could have gone to KFC and I would only pick at a piece of chicken breast. I had recently (at that time) limited my intake of red meat. At that time, I was down to eating chicken breast and turkey.

My son, during this time, was trying to spend the summer living off of cereal. He was eating a box of cereal a day. It was driving me mad. He would get up eat cereal then, leave out to hang with his friends then, come home in the evening and eat more cereal. I was like, "Boy, I cooked you some food." He would say, "I just want to eat this." and hold up a box of cereal. I am sure while he was out with friends he was eating something somewhere. Because, everyday he was in need of a few dollars. I suspect the local Wendy's.

Well, for the rest of the summer. I didn't cook much. I just brought cereal and veggies (Honestly, in summer I don't cook often anyway. Everyone is always on the go.) Then, by fall (October) things get back to normal. Normal as in everyone starting to spend more time at home then, us all being out and about. Which meant I began cooking again. However, by that time, I too had decided to go vegetarian.

I had really gotten into gardening. Before the last summer, I was just growing flowers. However, by the time last summer came I wanted to experiment with growing my own veggies. I will share my garden experience in a future post because, I am super excited about this year's plans.

I also was exercising more. I was really contemplating starting a new business. I mean I hit the middle age mark . . . if middle age is still 40-something . . . and I wanted to let this part of my life be a new one. Becoming vegetarian just fit nicely in those plans.

As a vegetarian, I still eat milk, cheese, and eggs. I haven't however, felt the need to eat fake meat or tofu. It just sounds yucky.

Thought of the day: Someone said to me eating eggs was still eating meat. No it is not. Eggs need fertilized. As the mother of two female parakeets and the grandmother of numerous eggs they have laid. No babies are in their unfertilized eggs. If I don't take the eggs . . . after a few days of letting them sit on them and "mother" them (and truth told my girls are bad mothers) the eggs turn rotten. As far as the cruelty associated with caged egg laying chickens. Buy free-range cage free. Thank you.

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