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Resolution: Networking IRL

Yesterday I . . . well, let me back up a few weeks ago.

One of my New Year resolutions - or should I say, a goal for the new year. See, I made one (1) resolution this year. That resolution is to be a good person. With so much hate, cruelty, and bad vibes in the world, I just want to put out good so that I am surrounding by positive vibes.

 Now when you read my negative post about yesterday it will seem as if I have failed at my one resolution, not so. I will not mention names or places. And I will also end on a positive note about the experience. This post is more of a lesson for others. I do love telling teaching others something that will help them in their business/blogging/dream endeavors.

Okay, back to my goals. One of my goals for the new year is to network more IRL. For those who do not know IRL stands for In Real Life. I have met so many associates, contacts, and friends through social media. Many are people I have now "known" for years though we have never met and quite a few I have had the priviledge to meet in person or at least talk to on the phone.

Well, now that I am focusing on my business, I need to get out in the community, in the city, and in the public to put a face to a name to a reputation. So, far this month, I have attended to networking events. And I have two more on the calender scheduled for this month. So for someone who rarely networked I am doing pretty good with this goal.

Anyway, I RSVP'd for the networking event a little over a week ago. The co-founder of this women's group even sent me 3 emails within this week. And even though, I had a busy day, I went to the event. Now, I will admit, I was running fashionably late. By about an half hour. I arrive at the place. A mess. I walked into an unprofessional mess.

1. The venue didn't even know we were coming! They said no one had booked the place.
2. Neither co-founder was there!

I was a little pissed. I mean come on both co-founders are women who own businesses and quite honestly, I would never work with their businesses because, obviously, this is how they run things. Oh, and when I got home, before I posted here yesterday, I went to the page and told them how unprofessional they were. How it would have been the polite thing to post that the event was cancelled. . . though, since it wasn't book was never going down anyway.

I mean this was an women in small business networking event so, when you think about it (obviously they haven't) these women other things they could be working on instead of being played.

A lesson for those reading. It only takes one incident to ruin your reputation. Especially, in business.

On a positive note:

1. I did stay for a little . . .thanks to the venue not kicking us out in the cold . . . and I met a lovely young lady. We end up talking about business, social media, and blogging. Okay, I talked the most. She pulled out a notebook and took notes. We have connected on Facebook and we will be meeting again.

2. I found a venue for an upcoming event.

Random thought of the day: There was this post someone put up on Facebook. It said to go to Google, then type your first name + the word "meme," and post the first picture in images in the comment section. I didn't post my picture there but, I am sharing it here.

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Shelly Ismail said…
It's crazy how unprofessional people can be, especially when you are so small and the key is to GROW! Glad you were able to speak with someone and connect. Hope the new year has been good to you so far. xoxo