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Random Monday

It's Monday!

Well, it's late Monday afternoon.

I didn't blog over the weekend. Just not in the mood.

This is my fave gif:

Seriously, I want a raccoon.

I really need to get my life together. I have 140 things I need to do . . . last week. Added to this week's 150 things that is a whole lotta things I need to be doing. NEED to be doing. Because right now I am dreaming dreams and not acting on my dreams. Ugh!! Story of my life.

Please let me rant.

Other random thoughts:

1. People keep complaining about getting Facebook game requests. I don't see the big deal. I get them all the time myself. I just ignore them. It really is not hard to do. I guess people are just sad when they see that they have notifications and then find out no one is really thinking about them. Okay, I am being a tad mean. I am sure there is truth in my statement. Then, people state, "I will unfriend anyone who sends a request." Oh, really? Challenge excepted. haha.

If you are unfriending people over game requests they probably really aren't your friends to begin with. I need to share this thought on Facebook.

2. I do have one social media peeve. When someone takes 30 selfies a day. Like okay you love yourself. Congrats on the self-esteem. However, must you fill my timeline all day with photos of you?

I will start posting meaningful post eventually. Until I do . . . *shrugs shoulders*

Maybe tomorrow.

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