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I Bet You Thought I Forgot

Okay, it is 10:36PM and I bet thought I (once again) wasn't going to post. Wrong. What had happened was. . .

Oh, let me admit. I almost forgot. But wait! Let me tell you the story.

My laptop crashed today. And my stress level hit 1000. I don't know what exactly it was but, it took me down. I try to be very careful about the sites I visit or the links I open. So, I just don;t know. I didn't care to ask either. I just wanted my life back.

Long story short, it is up again however, it had to be restored to like factory settings. Thankfully, my pictures and documents were saved. I will definitely be making sure to back them up on the outside drive more often.

I have some of the added stress, to my already stressed mind, alleviated. Now, I am sitting here restoring the bookmarks and settings I had (to make my online life easier) back onto the laptop. And I remembered (which I really didn't but, the way my stress is setup) to post.

Random thought of the day: This is not random at all . . . back your stuff up and do it often. I am going to do it weekly. Unless it is for a big project then I will do it whenever I work on it.
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