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A Pop In

Okay, I said that I would write everyday for 10 days. I didn't say it would be by 9am. Today, is just a pop in post. What's a pop in?

When I quickly pop in to post and pop back out. haha. I had a very full day and on top of that I am super sore. My 6 pack cometh. I have a few things that have happened that I want to share. So, in order to remember I am keeping a list. Which is an awesome thing because with so much to share it will make it a full month of days in a row. Woot! Woot!

Okay, tomorrow should be an early posting day.

Random thought of the day: I did my first handstand since, I was a child - that was many, many years ago. Now in order to do the handstand I had to use a wall but, I am still EXCITED!!!

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