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10 Days and it's a Habit

I once read somewhere that if you do something for 10 days in a row it becomes a habit. I am writing about making positive changes like exercise and writing a book. I am well aware that if you do something like smoke crack it may only be a one time then it is a habit type situation.

Well, today I am embarking on a 10 day blogging journey. After saying I am going to blog, blogging sporadically, then once again stopping; I am going to try again. I know here we go again. Well, my snarky yet, supportive readers (all 3 of you). I am using the 10 day method. What is the 10 day method? It is setting a goal to do something toward a larger goal and only telling yourself to just concentrate on the 10 days and not the bigger picture. For example, if you want to write a book but, can't find the time or feel overwhelmed at the thought of writing 300 pages then focus on 10 days of writing. For 10 days you may set the goal of writing for only 20 minutes. You may also decide not to write the book in chronological order but, to just write a paragraph from anywhere in the story. You may decide to write at a particular time (like at lunch) or to write whenever you feel most inspired. But, you HAVE TO WRITE and you have to DO IT FOR 10 DAYS. The idea is that if you write and see progress and your book slowly coming together . . . you will want to continue.

I have had much success with this method a few times before.

Hopefully, I will continue having success with this method as I apply it to blogging. So much has happened in my life. So much to share. So much to say. Let the 10 days begin. Until tomorrow.

Random thought of the day: Scented candles should not be placed near where you are working. I may pass out, my head hit the desk, and never recover because these things are so strong. HAHA. Moving them now.
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