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Long Overdue: Randomisms

Hey, I know, I know. I have one again took a hiatus from this blog. Well, guess what I took a hiatus from my entire online life -- which is a non-no when the business you are building is all about being online. I have now returned and am reviving all my blogs (Queen in Heels, He So Fly!) and getting my business back (Awesomely Shared) on track.

When I say I checked out -- I checked out of online! I have returned to a milli emails. SMH at me.


1. I am hustling to make up for all the lost  and wasted time I let pass by. Time is money.

2. I am currently reading this book:

I am thoroughly enjoying every page. I recommend that every one read it.

3. I am currently working a temp position with an investment firm. Though, I will admit I am tired of working in banking. I worked for a bank for years before I decided to leave to pursue entrepreneurship. I fully appreciate the financial lessons I have learned.

More on financial lessons and the importance of family in future posts.

4. I was taking a walk to the Home Depot to pick up some items for a DIY home project and I kid you not. . . . So, yesterday, I am walking to the store, lost in my thoughts, and enjoying the sun when I hear someone say hello. I look over and there are some young men in an SUV. I say Hi back and keep walking. Then, one of the young jerkholes says, "Would you like to make $50 dollars?" I had to take a deep breath and use all of the force of nature not to say something rude and throw up the finger. I just rolled my eyes and keep it moving.

5. You ever look at what people post on Facebook and then laugh when they post how their children would never be out in the streets acting a fool? Like seriously have you read your last four status updates? You are ratchet and I am sure that is your child I have seen in the streets copying your behavior.

6. I refuse to watch fight videos on Facebook. Even, if you are posting it because you are appalled by such behavior  . . . you are promoting the behavior, the filming of it, and the supporting it with having others view it.

7. Lastly, my family and I have a YouTube Channel . . . The Rainey Life. The younger ones . . . my children, nephews, and nieces . . . are the ones who really want to do one. So, my sister, brother, and I are participating. Seriously, it is a wonderful thing when the younger generation wants to hang with and include the older family members in things. So, yes, I will be making a fool of myself in videos and I am the one running the social media blitz (one more thing to add to my list). We have two videos I am currently editing however, there are two Smoothie Challenges that I did get to post. Yes, I look a mess. We really need to invest in video equipment soon.

Check them out below:

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