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Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone is Scary

I have reached the stage where I need to do more. I need to do something NOW!

I am standing at the edge of the path and I have only two choices; I must either step onto the new path or walk back the way I came. I hate just about everything from where I emerged from. I really don't want to go back that way. Step back into the mundane. The lack of fulfillment. My soul cringes at the thought of returning. So, why would I even consider turning around and walking back that way? I am familiar with that road. I know all the bumps and potholes in that road.

I want to step onto the next path. Why have I not stepped onto the new path. I am stuck in the mud. And by mud . . . I mean fear. I am standing in it ankle deep.

Fear is that mud that keeps me from moving from the spot I am in. I sometimes pull a foot loose to touch the new path with my toe however, I just can't pull myself out enough to just walk it. Fear is greater than not knowing. It is all encompassing: not knowing what is on the other side, confusion of how to get there, lack of knowledge, and wondering what if I do make it, what then.

"Do one thing everyday that scares you." Eleanor Roosevelt

I read that quote a few days ago and thought, "How simple. I can do that." Yes, I am going to do one thing, each day, that will help me inch out of the mud and down the new path. One thing. One thing that is on my list but, I have been avoiding. I am going to send that one email or call that one person. Because, calling one is much easier than calling ten. Hey, maybe even after I call one, I will end up calling all ten. If that doesn't happened . . . so what!! Even if it takes me ten days well, maybe sixteen, with the weekend and other goals to call ten people, I will have done it. I will have loosened the muddy grip of fear and will soon find myself out of the comfort zone and on a new path.

This quote now sits on my desk, where I will see it as soon as I sit down. It will remind me that before I do anything else . . .do that one big scary thing first.

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