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Single and Thanks to Fear Will Probably Stay That Way

The above photo is from the Dating Site Murderer, who seems creepy but he has good intentions. Those memes crack me up. You know what other memes I like? The sarcastic Willie Wonka memes. Those are hilarious. Anyway. . . back to the post.

I haven't dated in a very long time. What is a long time? A long time. Now, I have a few reasons that I have decided to remain single.

1. I need to work on myself. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself and for future relationships is spend time with yourself. I realized that instead of hopping into a new relationship getting to know someone else. What they like, do not like, want in life, and all that jazz, I needed to get to know me. I went from a wife to divorced and dating. In all those years, I was so busy catering to someone else, I didn't make time to cater to me. Besides, if you can't spend time with you, how can you expect others to?

2. I wanted to focus on my brand, my blogs, my business, my goals, and my dreams. I would love to lie and say that the entire time I have been single I have dedicated my time to these things, I can't. But, one thing is for sure adding, 'giving this guy all my time and attention' to the mix is not going to get me any closer to where I want to be. So, right now, I am going to focus on these things because, I want to achieve them and I want to bring something to the table in a future relationship.

3. Vanity is a sin. Sorry, I am as sinful as they come. I don't want to date while I am out of shape. My middle aged spread added to the lack of intense workouts means not wanting anyone to see me naked. I want to date someone who takes care of his body and I think that it is unfair for me to make that demand and not expect it of myself.

Now, with those three reasons out the way. I biggest reason I do not want to date.

4. The crazy.

(Y'all know I found this man handsome.)

In the last few years, I have seen enough stories of men killing their spouses, girlfriends, or the children of girlfriends; I live in dating fear. As you just read in point two, I have some accomplishments I am focusing on. I am hoping to leave my children a foundation on which to build their lives and those of my future generations. Something I can not do if I am sitting in a jail cell. Because, if a fool puts his hand on me or my children that is going to be the result, jail time. I am not going for it. There will be no stalking, no abuse, no I am laying dead on the ground in front of my children, no my children have been raped, beaten, and murdered stories on MSN pertaining to me.

People like to say, "well, date a good guy." Uh, I am sure everyone in the world thought an actor and an athlete were pretty decent men. . . until one day. . .

Thanks to Facebook and the constant sharing of horror stories, I am jaded and most likely forever single.

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Shelly said…
Sharon, I would be scared to death if I was single and dating. My main reason would be your #4 THE CRAZY. I would have to stay single too. SMH
CC said…
wow the reasons you stated are the same as mine but I'm still faking it till I make it and getting out there. I am trying to build a brand and being in a relationship (one where you see him several days a week) can be distracting. And I would love to drop at least 10 pounds to feel my best me but getting Mr. Right is also a goal so I keep pushing!