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Motivation Man Monday: Les Brown

I know it is Man Crush Monday on the Internet however, even though, I love . . . adore . . .and admire Les Brown. I think of him as an uncle. Seriously, I truly feel like he is the Uncle I should have in my life but, my family keeps playing.

I start my day with this man's words. Yeah, I know not cool that I open my Facebook before I will open my Bible. But, the Bible is for the evening and reflecting back on my day. Les is my motivation to get up and do something. He is like, "Sharon, stop playing. You have been playing for the last 21 years of the 40 you have been walking on this earth. Seriously, child do something with your unhappy life. Live the life that you want, today. You have greatness within."

Really, his messages are for everyone but, I like to pretend he is only talking to me.

If you don't know about Les Brown (yes, I may have rolled my eyes at you) watch this 7 minute video. Then, go on over to Facebook and like his REAL page so, that you can read his daily motivation to me for all.

Did you watch? Didn't he make you smile? Don't you just love my Uncle Les? I do.

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