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15 Things I Love Right Now

I was over on Facebook, where it seems I hang out most of the time but, really I am just a 'peeker' - you know peek in, read timeline, and leave. Well, I am lying, I post too . . . mostly articles from around the web or music videos. Well, every once in a while my thoughts. Ugh! Okay, I hang on Facebook quite a bit. Anyway. I was over on Facebook and someone had decided to post 30 things that they were loving. I don't know if the plan was everyday or all at once; like I said I sometimes just scroll and roll. Well, I too decided to make a list. Only thing is after some intense [but not really that intense] thought, I decided 15 is all I can achieve. haha.

Now, this list is not going to have things like my children or home. Those things go without saying. This list is all the little things that right now I am loving however, by next month things may change, whether completely or slightly.

Also, I will try to keep my explanations to a sentence or two because, I can talk a word and turn it in to a paragraph.

1. The Walking Dead: I am missing my Sunday evening pastime show so much. I am currently going through fangirl withdrawal.

2. An African City: I already dedicated an entire post to the webisode here.

3. Secrets of a Spiritual Guru: I downloaded this book (At the time I downloaded it - the book was free. It no longer seems to be.) after it popped up on the free list of a page I follow. I didn't read it right away. However, when I finally did. I loved it. It made my laugh out loud. It sometimes seemed like me and the main character had [too] much in common. Other times, I was like I would say to myself, "I would never act like that". Or would I? Fun, quick, and easy read. I liked the free book so much. I paid for part 2. It was okay. I liked the first book better.

4. Ice-cream sandwiches: I am suppose to be on this healthy lifestyle journey. For the most part I am. I have changed my diet. Increased the fruit and veggies. Cut out salt (as much as possible), and a few other things, I will address in a future post. However, I can not stop sucking down ice-cream sandwiches. And I am greedy with 'em. I like the soft cookie ones. I let the ice-cream soften. Then, I eat three of them in a row. Shake my head.

5. This canvas painting on my bedroom wall. I sit and stare at it and get lost in thought.

6. My shoe closet: I built it all by myself. It is a closet that sites in my hallway above my stairs. So, it is the first (and only) thing you see when you ascend the stairs. I still get giddy looking at it (this is the only photo I took. At the time, I was still working on it).

7. Better Home and Gardens magazine: I look forward to getting it every month. It makes me want to redecorate and remodel my entire home. Too bad I don't have the entire home money.

8. House Hunters on HGTV: It's a show about people looking to purchase a new home.

9. House Hunters International on HGTV: It's about people looking to find housing in other countries. My one pet peeve with this show. When spoiled snotty Americans are moving to other countries and expect American style amenities. Things I find myself screaming: "Like all the damn apartments in this country [you are moving to] are small and without indoor plumbing you dumb cluck. Quit whining. Do research before you come, accept the way things are, or keep take your *ss at home."

10. Jhene Aiko's Comfort Ending (Freestyle): Normally, I don't really care for songs with cursing and words like Ho and Bitch. This song I have made an exception for. I love this song.

11. The Sundress Jhene Aiko is wearing: Both dresses in the video I want. However, I am obsessed with finding something similar to the back low cut sundress (It has Africa on it. She is with the guy when wearing it). It is under my needs list. If I find one, I am going to have to up the workout sessions to 6 times a day instead of a month.

12. Netflix: I want to cancel my cable. The price for Netflix is so awesome especially, when compared to cable. If it weren't for number 1 on my list, I would do it. However, once The Walking Dead is over. Goodbye cable.

13. British TV: Netflix has introduced me to quite a few British shows.

14. Smoothies: In my quest to eat better, I have become the smoothie Queen. I am obsessed with finding new recipes to try.

15. Purple hair: I actually am planning on dying the edges of my bang purple. I don't care how old I am or what others may think. I'll probably do it after I get my next haircut. Oh, and some head shots I am having taken.

Bonus: A Parakeet Egg: I have two female parakeets. I have had them for the last two years. When I got them, I purchased a bigger cage for them than the one they were given to me in (yes, someone else had them for a few years before me). I buy them all kinds of goodies and I have given them a cage full of stuff for them to tear apart. Well, wouldn't you know one of them laid a single egg. After my initial shock and my intense research . . . to make sure I wasn't going to be a grandma; I am obsessed with the tiny egg.

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