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One of Those Facebook Memes - You Know With Questions

So, the above photo was/is floating around on Facebook and I decided to play along. Only I decided to play my way. Instead of choosing only one, I am going to answer all 12 and I am going to do it here on my blog.

1. Last illegal thing I did . . . I am going to plead the fifth. I will say I did not kill anyone or an animal. I did not cause bodily harm to any person or animal. Okay, well . . . moving on.

2. Last person I kissed . . . Technically, I was my son. I gave him a goodnight kiss on the forehead. And do you know what? He always gets upset when I give him kisses, even on the forehead. I have to surprise attack him with them. If you want to know who I lasted kissed in a romantic relationship. I forgot his name.

3. Relationship status . . . Single. I have been single for a really, really long time. I will be single for a while longer because, I have decided not to date until I work on a few things . . . like getting in shape.

4. Favorite color . . . Purple. It makes me happy.

5. Biggest regret . . . So, this is a little complicated. There are decisions in my life that I wish I had or had not made. However, when I think about if I could change one thing from the past my present may not have some of the wonderful things that have come from a situation. Experience and lessons are very valuable. If I had to pick something. I will go with not going for my dreams sooner. It;s like they say, 'A year from now you will wish you had started then.' Well, I wish 5 yrs ago, I did not allow so many obstacles to hinder me from being where I wanted planned to be now.

6. Pet Peeve . . . Loud people especially, in public. I have more however, I don't know if they are peeves or if I am just being . . . let's just say . . . moody.

7. Confession . . .  It has been 20 years since my last okay, I'm not Catholic. Hmm, what do I want to confess?  Some days, I really wish I had someone I could talk to, share with, grow with, and help out. But, I think I will be alone for quite awhile.

8. Celebrity Crush . . . This tends to change often. For years, I was crazy about D. Wade until, I found out he doesn't know how to work a condom. Out there making babies on "breaks." Instant crush crusher. Right now, I am crazy about Marc Anthony. Marc, Marc, Marc. That thin man makes me have some very naughty thoughts. Every time I listen to his music or see him on television I feel  . . .  desires.

9. Worst habit . . . Biting the inside of my mouth -cheeks and inner lip. I do it more when I am feeling anxious, stressed, or frustrated.

10. Favorite late night food . . . Since, I am on a mission to get in shape, I try not to eat after 8pm. I will say if I do get the late night munchies, I would go for chips or popcorn.

11. Favorite drink right now . . . herbal tea. I love it. I noticed that all tea has caffeine in it. I decided a few years ago to remove caffeine from my diet. One day, I read that herbal tea wasn't really tea but, roses, grass, and other nature stuff. Yeah, I know sounds tasty. I decided to give it a try and I have been hooked ever since.

12. Favorite movie . . . I really can not chose a favorite movie.

So, there you go. Feel free to choose your own number to answer.