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Old Friend It's So Nice to See You Again

Hey there! How have you all been? It's me! Sharon. Can you believe it? It has been two . . . or is it three. More like three. Three years since I have updated my blog.

Wow! So, much has taken place in these three years. All of which I will bring you up to speed on as I blog. Yes, I will be regularly updating this blog again. Probably and most likely not everyday. How often? Well . . . Often! I have missed this blog. I have missed putting all my business on the world wide web for all in the wide world to see.

In the meantime, to catch old friends up and introduce myself to new, here are 10 random thoughts, things, and updates until next time.

The Random 10:

1. When I last blogged, I had long hair. I have since chopped it all off and let me tell you . . . I love it. It was the best decision I made in a long time.

The photo above was taken in 2010.

The above photo was taken beginning of 2012 when I first cut it all off. I am not naked in the picture. I was wearing a halter top outfit. I am sure I will share all my haircuts, colors, and styles in a future post.

2. I am single. I am trying to chase a few dreams so, being single has sort of become the norm . . . 3 years of the norm . . . as in no big deal. I haven't been trying to "find" a man. I just am staying focused on doing what I like. But, if one comes along  . . . we will discuss this later.

3. My two wonderful, beautiful, loving, and intelligent children are growing up to be wonderful, beautiful, loving, and intelligent adults. I am so proud of them both and there will be numerous posts on them in the future.

4. I run two other blogs and am in the start up phase of opening and event planning/ pr company. That is what those image links in the sidebar represent.

5.  I am practicing the Law of Attraction and daily gratitude in my life. Well, I am trying very hard to do so. Positive thoughts will produce positive results. This will take a great depth of detail into my past and present to really explain so, until future posts.

6. I love the color purple. It makes me happy.

7. I am sometimes sad (very briefly) that it took me 40 years to find my way and get happy but, I am thankful I made it.

8. Favorite show on television right now: The Walking Dead. Do not disturb me when it is on. I will go Michonne on you. I heart her and Daryl and Rick, and Carl.

9.  I am a huge Tyler Perry fan.

10.  I am glad to be back.

Until next time . . .


The Rich House said…
Welcome back. I actually thought about my blog last week, but I don't think I'm coming back to it. I too am busy creating. It's just not in the writing realm.

But enough about me, this is about you. Nice haircut. Your son has really grown. Love the fro! Raise a fist to the young brother.

Other than that, it's good to read you again.


So glad to see you blogging and congrats on reaching toward your dreams!!!
Just Kel said…
Hi Old Friend!

I've missed you blogging and it was my plan to return to my blog this month... which is what led me to your blog.

So good to see you again!

Girl, we've got similar stories...

Your babies are beautiful!

Can't wait to read more from you