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A Month of Rambling

It has been a month since I have updated my personal blog :(

Let's see . . .Part 1

First thing, my son was looking through my cellphone when he says to me, "You have 500 pictures in your phone." I look at him puzzled because the only pictures I take with my phone are the contact ones. A photo (if possible) to go with the number. Well, it turns out that the blogger Picasa photo album shows up on my phone. Who knew and why didn't you share that with me.
So, I had to go on Picasa and delete all the photos except for a few I forgot I took and wanted to keep. Also, I now know that I need to be very careful what photos I use here or I will have to spend a few minutes deleting them from my phone.
Speaking of photos . .
I was going to use a photo from Mother's Day with this post. . . my children and I participated in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure . . . but the one photo I have us all three of us, I look horrid.
Speaking of horrid . . .
I am going crazy because of stink bugs. For those of you who don't have the problem . . whoop de do for you. My city has been invaded by them. I hate these damn bugs (looks at one crawling up wall). I can't keep them the hell out of my house. They can have outside . . . just stay out of my house!
Speaking of house. . .
My house is falling apart and I am too broke to fix it.

Now begins . . . Part 2
How is my year going so far? It has been a high followed by two lows before the next high. I have been allowing depression and fear to steal my dreams and put a hold on my plans. That is not good at all when all you got is your dreams. I am working it out and have put myself in a position that is now do or die. Hopefully, I do so me and mine survive. The funny thing is that even though I am single and celibate neither of those things have been a hindrance just let's me focus on what I need to do.
So, if being single is not part of the low why does it still factor in my lows? It's because I am not seeking a new relationship but sometimes still get down over one lost. But I . . . for the most part. . . am past it. Being single and sex free has given me time to concentrate on me. Yes, I am learning all about me and I really like me. My past no longer controls my future.
I a few days I plan on posting about my single, non-dating, sex-free life and those who would like to change it from being so.

Lastly . . .Part 3

My son recently turned 11. Both my babies are getting big. He has his ballroom dancing finals this month.
Let me tell you the story about my daughter. My daughter is 15. So, we were in Toys R' US so my son could get new Lego sets. He loves those things. Well, my daughter was telling me about this doll (La La Loopsy) that she wanted. She finds one and I tell her I am not buying her a $25 dollar doll she is too old to play with. Me: Is La La Loopsy going to buy you some clothes? Blah blah blah. Anyway, she starts tearing up. Like she was about ready to cry. Now, I knew she really wanted that thing because she normal just puts something I fuss about back and keeps moving. So, I brought her the doll which is sitting nicely on her bed with her stuffed dog. She has had the stuffed dog since she was 1. Her love for that stuffed dog is serious.

Well, that is it for now.