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The Bronze

Well, today my son and his classmates had the ballroom dance finals. They came in bronze. I knew they would place in the bronze when we all arrived at the school and 3 of the dancers didn't show (2 males and 1 female).

I really am proud of all the children who did show, they really tried to fill in for the others plus, do their parts.

When my son and his classmates stepped forward to accept their medals, I yelled (during a moment of quiet), "Timothy, I love you baby!" Which made everyone turn to look at me.

Afterwards, he was like, "Why did you scream that?" Me: HAHAHA. "It's a mother's job to embarrass her child. Anyway, I was proud and I do love you boy."

A few of his classmates were a little sad but, he was so proud of his bronze medal he wore it all the home for all to see.

I realized when we got home, I didn't take any pictures of just him. They are either of him and his dance partner or of the entire group. I didn't want to post a picture of anyone's child here (I know some parents don't want pictures of their children posted all over the Internet) so, that is why I cropped the one above.

That's my little man!


Revvy Rev said…
Congrats to both The Queen and The Prince! I am sure that your son will continue to make you proud.
Sheliza said…
Aww~!!! Congrats to your handsome boy and to the other participants. High five to momma too ;)