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Tattoo and Michael Jackson

If you are my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter you probably have already hear that I got my first tattoo this week.

Of course, here on the blog, I have a whole story to share with you guys. I have been saying for years that I wanted to get a tattoo. I just could not decide what I wanted on my body, because a tattoo is permanent. I didn't want to get something that later on I would wish I could erase. Well, suffice to say I finally had something I wanted on my body but for the last few years I did not act on it.
Then. . .my sister went and got a tattoo. I was so upset. . .why???? Because I wanted to get one first. She had a tattoo put on her arm in honor of our father who had died a few years ago.

That was it I knew I was going to get a tattoo. I had already chosen my personal logo, now it was a matter of where was I going to put it on my body. I decided on my right shoulder. I meant for it to be exactly on my shoulder. I went to the shop at 12:30pm to show the guy my picture, he asked me when did I want to get it. I was like today. I know the guy who owns the shop and had asked him about doing my first tattoo earlier but, he was surprised that I meant that day. He told me to let him sketch it out and I could come back and look at it. I said I be bake at 4:30 to get it done. I trusted he would get the sketch right.

So, at 4:15 (I arrived early . . . the excitement) I was looking at the sketch and after signing the paper, I was getting my first tattoo at 4:30.

That stuff hurts. I didn't make moaning noises or make him stop and give me a few moments (he told me I I needed to let him know), I just laid my head against the back off the chair and clutched my hands in my lap. And all the while he was attacking my skin with his needles of pain, I thought about animals being abused and how I wanted to save them all.

Finally, he was finished and I had this:

1. I have lots of moles on my back.(They seem to spreading all over my body, too. I need to look into that).
2. It is a lot bigger than just on my shoulder blade. There was no other way to do it and get all the detail. I really didn't realize how big I got it or that it was such a big deal until people saw it and were like . . Dag, girl. It seems many people who get their first tattoo start with small ones. As skoolboikrush tweeted me: " Damn, you went hard in the paint. That's nice. Go hard or go home." That was my attitude if I am going to put one on my body it is going to count.
3. The colors have darkened since I took this on Thursday (the day I got it done). So, it looks even better.
4. Brian is an amazing artist.

So, Friday evening me and my children played our favorite Wii game, Michael Jackson Experience. Okay Okay, it is my favorite game. The only thing that I wish is that they had given us more of his songs to dance too. I got mine from Game Stop but, I see that if I had gone to Walmart, I would have gotten 4 extra songs. If any one knows what they are let me know, I may have to get that version.

I decide to put up some video of me getting my Thriller on.
Let me say a few things first:

1. I am wearing the same shirt I wore in the pictures from Thursday. I am still wearing this same shirt Saturday as I type this. Guess what? I will be wearing it tomorrow on Sunday, as I lay around watching the Liz Taylor movie marathon. I am allowing my tattoo to breath all weekend. I have other backless shirts by why dirty them all. I take a bath and put this shirt back on. Don't judge me.

Anyway, I once held the high score for Thriller in my house.

Then my daughter came along and beat it last night by 600 points. She was like take a picture and post that. I refused to, I was very salty and plan on regaining my crown this evening.

Anyway, here is some video . . .my daughter forgot she was filming me for the first minute and a half so, I am off to the side. This video is tame because usually I am always over moving. Matter-of-fact, I did it twice and video tape it twice and the second video was better but, my shirt slipped down and my back rolls were showing. HAHA. I no post that.


MsTrayJay said…
Dang girl that tat is big! But it's beautiful, love it! And I want that MJ game. Everybody I know that has it, loves it.
CC said…
that is a huge tatoo, go hard or go home, right? I've been wanting one but pain scares me! How long did it take you? You know they say once you start you can't stop!
Tay: Thank you. You definiately have to get the MJ game.

CC: It's been a long time. It took him an hour. And I won't lie it hurt. I said I was never going to get another tattoo but, I am thinking about one more. Last one.
WOW! Now THAT is a tat! When I got my tat done at the base of my spine, it hurt like HELL - I can only imagine how badly yours hurt. Brian did a fabulous job!