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Events and Supplies

I have decided that Saturday will be the day I update this blog. On Saturday, I will share my thoughts and happenings from the week. This is the best way to fit it in my schedule.

This week's Saturday post will be some what long since, I haven't updated in a few weeks.

I am just about halfway through with my event planning class. *claps happily*

In class we are doing a project where we were separated in class into groups and we have to plan a mock event. Not wanting to do weddings, which other groups are doing, I suggested a women's networking event to my group. So, earlier this week we were sitting in our groups working when one of my classmates brought up that she is trying to get a job in the plant and flower conservatory in the city (they throw lavish events . . Obama had a dinner there).
I was busy making suggestions to the one girl (who first brought up the conservatory) ways I thought she could get her foot in the door there . . .like volunteering to help for other events there... when the other girl made some smart remark about "folding t-shirts".
I was like, maybe but at least you get in the door and can strike up conversation with people who are in charge.
Then, I began to realize something. Competition.
The other classmate in my group is trying to get that position too. Then, it turns out they are both trying to get a few of the same positions in other places.
To which one told the other, "I guess our resumes will be on the same desks" (I thought the way she said it sounded rather snarky).
I could only giggle inside because, I don't want any of those positions so, watching and listening to all of this was quite comical.

Another assignment (due this week), is a bowl decorated with what we would like most to do with our certificate. Let me better explain. Our teacher gave us small glass bowls. Inside the bowls we are to fill them with items that represent our ideal event. So, if I wanted to be a wedding planner . . . I would use items to represent a wedding.
Well, my main interest and reason why I am taking the class is for my business. I wanted to throw my own events and when the company grows and I hire others to do it, I still want to be knowledgeable about what it takes to have successful events.
Right now, my bowl looks like this:

For my presentation, I am going to tell my classmates, that QinH,LLC has various aspects/brands/blah blah blah. One of the brands is Queen in Heels. The first two events will be under Queen in Heels (I am currently planning the events, more to come about this in another post).
The purple glitter represents the color of the Company and the brand. Plus, the glitter is because I do everything fabulous (I got a big ego).
The heel represents . . Queen in Heels, the tag-line for the events *this is a high heel event* on the ads, and me.
The red ribbon is because, HIV/AIDS Awareness is the cause for these events and if you ever read Queen in Heels . . the site too.
My first two events are related, in two different cities and the main theme is women networking, I have to find a way to incorporate all this in the bowl, though I like it the way it is. I hate clutter.


I have become an extreme couponer. Well, not extreme but, I am close. I recently went to Rite Aid and got $79 of items (brand name) for $23.
I am so proud of myself.

But, I think that even though I spend less I buy more which I am sure is not good. Anyway, I looking through my supply closets when my daughter was like, "Mommy really, do we really need more toilet paper?"
Me: "You planning to quit wiping your behind?"

52 rolls doesn't seem like enough to me. Toilet paper is used, in this house, everyday by three people at least 3 to 4 times (by each) a day.
I believe that there are certain items you should have an abundance of in the house. Toilet paper, maxi pads (2 females), soap, detergent, and dish liquid. Those items you are always going to need plenty of.

I'll spare you all the pictures I took of detergent and cleaning supplies.
I will admit having 6 deodorants just for myself (there are 2 in my room and the children use different brands but they are stocked too) is a bit much but, they were buy one get one half off and I had $2 off coupons.
But, can you see how my supplies are getting low?
I will be grabbing some more maxi-pads/tampons. Hey, I got 4 $2 off coupons and they are on sale buy one get one half off. Oh, and I got $3 of Venus razors coupon. Then, there are my store perks for shopping that I will be deducting. Winning.

I also have a reason behind my madness. I am hoping that by stocking up and by paying extra on bills it will help me when I am down to $1 until my next pay. And working for myself, who knows when that will come.


MsKnowitAll said…
Hey Lady,

I buy in bulk too. You can never have enough of necessities.

I am not a couponer... yet. But I am a big bargain shopper. Huge!

Congrats on the progress in class. Your glass slipper in the bowl is cute. Now keep away from the jealous ladies and haters. Don't get too close that their issues rub off or drip or permeate the atmosphere. K?! LOL
Kelley once I found out how to use coupons . .. thanks to extreme couponing shows. . I am on a mission. You must try it especially for those costly items like pads and cleaning supplies.

I even have everyone who doesn't use their coupons give them to me. "Do you use Always? No. Can I have those coupons?" haha

I added some rhinestones to the bowl project so, I think it looks better. Pictures later.

Not worried about those two girls hating on each other. haha I just pull out my notebook and start my work.