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Certified and Other Things

Hey, everybody. I have some of the best blogging buddies. I got kind emails, phone calls, and comments. That is why I ♥ y'all. Hugs and Kisses.

Oh, one quick thing, those new to my spot. I am intelligent. I just don't read over what I post so, mistakes and all get published. Yes, there is some neck rolling going on with this statement.

I am actually feeling super better. Yes, I still have a moment or two but those too shall pass. So, I know I am suppose to tell everyone about QinH,LLC. I'll just touch on it this post because I am working out a few things. See, when I had a partner, things were agreed on but, know that I am lone CEO. I want to change a few things.

One problem though, is that my laptop went down and being the silly rabbit I am, I didn't back things up on an outside drive so, there are things on that laptop I need to get off it. Yes, I am seeing the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

But, I'll share a few things now.

Guess what?

In May, I will be a certified Event Planner.

I decided to take classes since part of the business is throwing events for our brands, etc. Yes, I could hire an event planner but, since I am just starting out much will be do it myself. Plus, I want to know how things work and if needed I can always do it myself. Like when I took HTML classes. Not that I plan on building sites but, I know how to go into my templates and change things, any time I want to. I also took a publishing class. That class will be useful as QinH,LLC progresses.

I am also taking an online editing refresher course, to help me with post and more. I will be done with that one in April. The event planning classes are at the local community college.

I was talking to Coogie, the other night and we agreed that my first event has to be in NYC. If I am going to do it I might as well do it big. I am hoping to have something in September. Most likely a Queen in Heels event. Which brings me to another quick topic (which came up in conversation). How QinH,LLC got it's name. I'll save that for next time.