2011 is Here . . . Now what?

11:21 AM

So, here we all are. It is a new year . . . wait . . . it's a new hour, in a new day, in a new year. *Jennifer Hudson voice

Haha I had to get that out my system. I know that those are not the exact words she singing on my television but this is my blog.

Anyway. Anyway.

I brought the new year in trying to sleep but my son came up the stairs demanding I get up and I said, "No, let me just lay here." How horrible of me not to get up and bring in the new year with my children. They know how I am and that I am crazy about them so, I am sure they have forgiven me.
I just wanted to stay buried in my covers and wake up . . . hopefully. . .refreshed.
I didn't want to bring my tears I had just shed a few hours ago into the new year with me. It's silly. I read what some people went through in 2010 . . health issues, deaths in families, job lost and there I was missing some him. I know I know. How pathetic is that? He moved on months ago. . . and I mean moved on. And I am still moping.
Like I said I wanted to leave the sad in 2010 and wake better in 2011. I did wake up and clean like it was Spring . . . fresh start. Unhappy trash men.

I didn't make any resolutions this year. Well, I set a goal or two so, I guess that means I made a resolution.

I am happy with my weight. I just want to lose the belly I have. But, I don't have any plans to do a crunch so I need to work on getting a plan to do one or ten a week.

I am quitting my job Jan 28. I hate it. It stresses me. I planned on leaving Dec 31, I didn't want to walk in there at all this year but, since my manager is a friend, I stayed for his sake. I told him though Jan 28. I will not come in a day after. He thinks he can make me stick around. What am I going to do? Shrugs.
Yes, I know that my job is the ONLY income I have for my children and me.

I am completely letting him go. No more looking at his private Facebook page. Funny thing is, I didn't do it to see him, because I have pictures of him and I never look at them, I just look at the page to see what he is up to via his profile picture. Last time, Dec 31 it made me cry. So, I told myself to stop.

I thought of joining one of those dating sites online . . still contemplating a little. . but I really don't have time to be online trying to meet men. I have bigger plans to worry about and that would only be a distraction.

All that and those aren't even my New Year Goals.

side note: depending on how well my real goals go . . it will help me reach next years goal to move to the big city.

My New Year goals all revolve around QinH, LLC.

For years, I have been talking about a multi-media company. Always said I was going to do it and this and that. Made small steps just never really acted.
Three years (and some months) ago I met him. He said, "Sharon, don't talk about it, be about it."
Ideas were exchanged, designs drawn, names registered, logos made, plans written and he loved everything I showed him and when he had found faults, flaws, bad planning, or sucky stories, scripts, or posts . . . he let me know. It was my craziness that would eventually do us in though when I look back I wasn't the only one with issues but like they say . . .people come into our lives for a reason some for life some for only a season.
QinH, LLC is the umbrella (parent) company and it has all it's little off springs. . .

I started having doubts, being on my own now even though I was getting positive feedback and making great contacts and getting on lists and getting invites . . .etc but fear and heartbreak made me lose focus. But, like The Alchemist says. . . read the omens. Every time, I think about quitting . . .something pulls me back.

Dag, this post is long and I haven't even gotten to what QiH,LLC is. Yeah, I know I wrote multi-media company but that is so general. I guess we will have to finish this next post.

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