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2011 is Here . . . Now what?

So, here we all are. It is a new year . . . wait . . . it's a new hour, in a new day, in a new year. *Jennifer Hudson voice

Haha I had to get that out my system. I know that those are not the exact words she singing on my television but this is my blog.

Anyway. Anyway.

I brought the new year in trying to sleep but my son came up the stairs demanding I get up and I said, "No, let me just lay here." How horrible of me not to get up and bring in the new year with my children. They know how I am and that I am crazy about them so, I am sure they have forgiven me.
I just wanted to stay buried in my covers and wake up . . . hopefully. . .refreshed.
I didn't want to bring my tears I had just shed a few hours ago into the new year with me. It's silly. I read what some people went through in 2010 . . health issues, deaths in families, job lost and there I was missing some him. I know I know. How pathetic is that? He moved on months ago. . . and I mean moved on. And I am still moping.
Like I said I wanted to leave the sad in 2010 and wake better in 2011. I did wake up and clean like it was Spring . . . fresh start. Unhappy trash men.

I didn't make any resolutions this year. Well, I set a goal or two so, I guess that means I made a resolution.

I am happy with my weight. I just want to lose the belly I have. But, I don't have any plans to do a crunch so I need to work on getting a plan to do one or ten a week.

I am quitting my job Jan 28. I hate it. It stresses me. I planned on leaving Dec 31, I didn't want to walk in there at all this year but, since my manager is a friend, I stayed for his sake. I told him though Jan 28. I will not come in a day after. He thinks he can make me stick around. What am I going to do? Shrugs.
Yes, I know that my job is the ONLY income I have for my children and me.

I am completely letting him go. No more looking at his private Facebook page. Funny thing is, I didn't do it to see him, because I have pictures of him and I never look at them, I just look at the page to see what he is up to via his profile picture. Last time, Dec 31 it made me cry. So, I told myself to stop.

I thought of joining one of those dating sites online . . still contemplating a little. . but I really don't have time to be online trying to meet men. I have bigger plans to worry about and that would only be a distraction.

All that and those aren't even my New Year Goals.

side note: depending on how well my real goals go . . it will help me reach next years goal to move to the big city.

My New Year goals all revolve around QinH, LLC.

For years, I have been talking about a multi-media company. Always said I was going to do it and this and that. Made small steps just never really acted.
Three years (and some months) ago I met him. He said, "Sharon, don't talk about it, be about it."
Ideas were exchanged, designs drawn, names registered, logos made, plans written and he loved everything I showed him and when he had found faults, flaws, bad planning, or sucky stories, scripts, or posts . . . he let me know. It was my craziness that would eventually do us in though when I look back I wasn't the only one with issues but like they say . . .people come into our lives for a reason some for life some for only a season.
QinH, LLC is the umbrella (parent) company and it has all it's little off springs. . .

I started having doubts, being on my own now even though I was getting positive feedback and making great contacts and getting on lists and getting invites . . .etc but fear and heartbreak made me lose focus. But, like The Alchemist says. . . read the omens. Every time, I think about quitting . . .something pulls me back.

Dag, this post is long and I haven't even gotten to what QiH,LLC is. Yeah, I know I wrote multi-media company but that is so general. I guess we will have to finish this next post.


MsTrayJay said…
Keep ya head up lady! We all have been gets better, I promise.
LOL...I was hoping you'd finally tell us was QinH LLC was all about and you left me hanging. lol
MsKnowitAll said…
congratulations and may you prosper in everything you put your hand to.

i'm jealous that you're leaving your job this month. so jealous. but happy for you! sometimes you have to close your own door and the blessings will pour in through your windows! you've got more windows than doors.

girl, i'm about to say this & i hope you don't take it wrong.
i want you to get yourself a buffer. somebody, something (make it somebody/thing special) to help buff away them blues. may it be reasonable, seasonal and bring you out of the season you're going through. it's a new day & i want you feeling good.
MrsGrapevine said…
Wow, I don't know where to start. I was coming to remind you about OSF tomorrow and to tell you to sign up on the new blog:

But, after reading your post. I have a few things to say. Be encouraged!!!

If God says quit your job, and you believe him to provide, then quit your job. If not, keep looking in the background, until you find something mentally healthier. With birds falling out of the sky, you really have to ask yourself if your decision is a good thing or a God thing.

I know it's hard being a single parent, but you can do it all. If you really believe your soul, you can get QiH LLC up and running and flying.

I'll be back to keep you encouraged.
LaKeshia said…
Hi...I was just visiting blogs...Be Encouraged! God will lead you no matter what.
CoogieCruz said…
I've learned that the funny thing about moving on is it's an every day process and one day you realize you finally did it while you weren't even paying attention but even though you moved on there are still's up to us to decide if we go back and follow them hoping for a different outcome or if we continue moving forward. The footprints will always be our heart, soul and mind.
Thank all of you for your kind encouraging words. I am praying and working everything out on a day by day basis.

I do feel much better.
"I am quitting my job Jan 28. I hate it. It stresses me."

That said right there is reason enough to leave it. Life's way of saying you've out grown the place u're in and better is waiting. Happy New Year!