R.I.P Lady T AKA Teena Marie

3:48 PM

Last night, I was on Facebook/Twitter (I keep them open in separate windows all 4 accounts) when I saw a friend post on Facebook she just read Teena Marie died. I popped open my twitter page and wrote something like Teena Marie died???? Then I went to Google and didn't see anything about it. So, I left a comment on the friends post that asked was it a news source or gossip source. She said the radio station she listens to in Philly posted it.

Back on twitter there was a debate of whether it was true or not. Then someone tweeted Ron Isley said she died. I still wanted to see a link to an actual news source. But when Shelia E tweeted it and said they just took the body. I believed it. Why? She is Shelia E.

Soon, it was breaking news.

At the young age of 54, Teena Marie had passed.

Last night, I played a Teena Marie tribute. Her death really made me sad. Not because she is a celebrity. I know that people tend to get caught up in celebrities death as if we knew them but for another reason.

Before I tell you the reason, let me say that 1.) Teena was a gifted and exceptional singer 2.)She never got the credit and recognition she deserved.

Lady T's death upset me because for one reason or another . . . she always reminded me of my mother. Not that my mother was running around singing or anything, especially like Lady T. It was Lady T's hair color, and facial features, and (despite the picture I posted where my mother was on the heavy side) my mother's weight would go up and down but she was top heavy and flat in the butt just like Lady T. haha

Teena Marie's death made me sad because I like her and because she reminded me of my mother. Remember when I tried to find my mother a few years back? Well, last night I considered trying again. I still have the information and know the address but, I decided against it. In my heart, when Teena died so did my mother and the desire to try find her and make her part of my life.

I am going to end this with two of many of my favorite Teena Marie songs.
(I can't sing but put on some Teena and I will think I can)

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