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I Heart This Book

I know this book was written by a man but it is like a gospel to me. I have heard about this book for years. I never took the time to purchase and read it. This year I have been wrestling with my 2011 plans and I almost backed out when my manager told me he had a book. He brought in The Alchemist 3 months ago and I not only devoured the book in one sitting. I am rereading it this time around taking my time and meditating on all that I have read. I have decided to step out and follow my plans. If you have never read this book . . . Get it.


Rich Fitzgerald said…
I did a book club reading on this a couple of years ago and it seemed to me that no one was sharing in the ride. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs - GET THIS BOOK! IT IS LIFE CHANGING!

I read it after hearing about it for years and then hearing Will Smith make reference to it in an interview. Well, you know me, if Will said it, and he's the man, I had to get it.
MsTrayJay said…
I read this a few years ago and I found it again a few days ago while looking for something else. Guess your post is a sign I need to re-read it!