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Childhood Photo

This is the only picture that I have of my mother. For some reason Blogger won't let me put the bigger view up.

Anyway, I was 7 when this was taken. My sister 3 and my brother 4. Before I go any further, look at my brother's high water suit and black laces. I died 4 times looking at them. *dead *revived *dead . . 6 times.

Not too long after this photo was taken my mother quit coming around. See, she would be around then, go back to her family then, come back. Finally, after years she left my father and her children for good. Well, she did come and try to get me once but, that is another story.

See how she is holding my hand (also we the only ones smiling cause . . cause we sitting together and holding hands)? I was always her favorite. I tease my brother and sister about it. They act like they don't care . . they do. I know that is so mean to do to children who don't really remember their mother. Oh well, sometimes I can't help it. They grown now they will survive.

Anyway . . . look at my brother's tight blue suit. . *dead
That suit is 4 sizes too small and his shirt is cutting off circulation to his brain. He can't breath! He can't breath!

And on top of it all . . . he got on white socks. . . I am dying!!!

My father never smiled in a damn picture. Like dude is it really always that serious?
Every picture I got of that man is smile less. Like dude black don't crack . . smile.
This picture is not the best so, it may be hard to tell this but, I am the one who looks most like my father.

My mother had straight long hair then one day she went and came home with a curly fro. Maybe she wanted to fit in with my father's family. That dress is just hideous.

Then, there is my sister on the end. She ai'right looking with her alien head. Sitting there like she don't have a clue and is just a prop. That photographer crossed her feet and folded her hands and she stayed like that. Those shoes are ugly too. Buster Brown boots.

Trying not to look at the boy in blue. . . . . . .

My sister like I said is ai'right but let's be honest . . .I am doing my thing . . looking fly. . and knowing it. Yes, I thought I was hot stuff. I use to love those shoes. They had a little wedge and so that made me adore them more. Even at a young age, I was obsessed with heels. I had on my little cowgirl outfit. Vest. Skirt. Sporting my sweater tights. If I had that outfit now, I might just sport it. Don't hate me cause I'm stylish (in my Keri Hilston voice).

Don't worry about my brother and sister getting mad at me for talking about them . . .it's what we do. We will pull out pictures or bring up memories, or just look at one another and go in. Especially, me and my brother, we go hard. My sister can't go like us. She usually ends up getting all weepy on us. My brother he can say some funny stuff but, I am the one. My evil sarcastic behind will go in for the kill. I am being very tame in this post.


Sheliza said…
What a great photo and you still look the same! I am sorry for the sad parts. I grew up in a 2 parent Brady bunch style home and still have bad stories. At least you have this photo that you can look and remember (good and bad). Your brother was still lookin' sharp ;) hehe
You still look the same lady! My family does the same thing, we will pull out old photos and laugh until out sides hurt. Great memories though and the stories they tell? PRICELESS!!!!

P.S. - Thank you so much for the music. It is full of my favorites and been in my CD player since I received it. Hope your holidays are fantabulous ;-)

My brothers and I do the same thing. We go IN when we get together. lol
Rich Fitzgerald said…
You are mean, except for the fact that you sent me two NICE CD's for the holidays!!

Thanks a bunch and give your siblings a break, especially your brother. He can't help they dressed him that way. LOL!