Random-ness About Not Much

5:57 PM

** I sometimes dislike listening to a song and then a rap starts. Every song does not need a rapper. It can so mess up the flow.

** I have been having a hard time concentrating on my LLC and the brands under it. Not good when 2011 is in . . . 3. . 2. . 1. . Plus, I am without my partner now. So, everything is all on me to get it up and running. AND not completely waste the money I have aside for it (it's all I got).

** If I don't keep a piece of gum in my mouth, I will eat everything sweet in the house.

** I love the evenings when me and my children are all home together. I like knowing they are safe.

** After the holidays, I am going to try the cleanse diet. The one where you eat nothing and drink that lemon water mix. I'll probably last three days. So,I am thinking of doing a lemon water, grapes, and apples diet . . I will probably last longer with that one. I know if I eat then that is not a cleanse.

** Ever listen to a song 30 times in a row? I have many times. Lay in my bed hit repeat and let it play. Which song? That depends on my mood. If I am in a mellow mood and in bed it's usaully something slow. Maxwell, Sade, Chrisette Michelle, Luther Vandross etc. .
Yesterday, I had on Keri Hilson Pretty Girl Rock . . which I danced to for 2 hours while prepping for the next day. Simple song. Very ego boosting.
My name is Sherri I'm so very. . . .doing the pretty girl rock. . .don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.

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