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I have a dog whom I call Muttnight however, the children insist his name is Midnight. He is a spoiled little mutt. Who seems to think when I say,
"get of my couch" means "please, lay there".

So, I was sitting in the game room in the armchair reading when I look over to the couch. I started cracking up. Muttnight was laying on the couch using my son's sweat jacket as his body pillow. I had to take the picture with my son's cellphone so it isn't that clear. But I knew if I ran upstairs for my camera the dog would have just followed me. I wanted to capture him in all his glory. So, I crept up and snapped the picture. Even though you will notice he is watching me.

Ever see a dog lay like that?

Did I mention he is crazy?

Yes, he has been neutered. As I am sure you can tell.

Thankfully, in the game room, I keep the couch covered with a removable, washable cover. Because between two children and a hardheaded dog, I can't win.

He does crack me up.


Sheliza said…
He reminds me of my Milo. He too is crazy and sleeps just like that! Oh yeah and he LOVES any article of clothing he can find to cozy up on. Muttnight is adorable :)
MsKnowitAll said…
he's so cute.

muttnight from midnight????

i saw drew barrymore's dog open his thighs like that once & i cracked up then but he wasn't both laying down & laying on his side like muttnight.
OMG...that is hilarious. Furry ones have great personalities. He's looking you like 'uh-oh' LOL!

Gotta love 'em.

I know you're going to post the new 'do right?
Anonymous said…
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