6:15 PM

I have a dog whom I call Muttnight however, the children insist his name is Midnight. He is a spoiled little mutt. Who seems to think when I say,
"get of my couch" means "please, lay there".

So, I was sitting in the game room in the armchair reading when I look over to the couch. I started cracking up. Muttnight was laying on the couch using my son's sweat jacket as his body pillow. I had to take the picture with my son's cellphone so it isn't that clear. But I knew if I ran upstairs for my camera the dog would have just followed me. I wanted to capture him in all his glory. So, I crept up and snapped the picture. Even though you will notice he is watching me.

Ever see a dog lay like that?

Did I mention he is crazy?

Yes, he has been neutered. As I am sure you can tell.

Thankfully, in the game room, I keep the couch covered with a removable, washable cover. Because between two children and a hardheaded dog, I can't win.

He does crack me up.

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