Maybe it's Nothing but I Ain't Having it

3:58 PM

So, I was getting ready to type another post when my son walked in the room (he just came from outside) and told me he had a job.

Me: What job.

Him: Uncle Barry . . (I give him a who the hell look cause we don't have no Uncle Berry in this family) . .I mean Mr.Barry.

Me: Who is that?

Him: That is G's uncle (one of the little boys my son plays with and the one I am the least fond of. I guess his Uncle wants all the boys to call him Uncle).

Me: What does MR. Barry want you to do?

Him: He wants me to watch over his son in school (who is younger).

Me: Well, you don't need a job. I take care of you just fine.

Him: He already paid me.

Me: Paid you what?

Him: 4 dollars

Me: Take it back right now!

Him: Mommy.

Me: Right now! You want 4 dollars I'll give you four dollars but you are not taking money off that man. He want someone to watch his son then G, his nephew, can do it alone.

Now, maybe I am over-reacting (which may lead to a heart attack with my heart racing and my pulse pulsating, and my head throbbing, and my pressure up)but, I am not having it.

Now, I know I have complained about money. I know I have had to deny him and his sister their wants because of lack of money. I know I am barely keeping up with their needs.

Maybe, I am sending my son the wrong message about not working cause, I'll give it to him.

I just think something is off about it. I don't want my son involved.

Maybe Mr. Barry's intentions are harmless. Maybe, his son needs looked out for but, not by my child. I don't want him getting caught up in nothing. I told my son if he were to see Mr. Barry son getting picked on, he should tell an adult because, that is the right thing to do.
He is not stepping in himself either getting into a fight or being bullied or being a bully.

And he is not going to be indebted to Mr. Barry.

Maybe, Mr. Barry just feels bad because I won't allow my son to go beyond two houses on opposite ends. That's it. The amount of freedom he has.

Or that my son is the first one to come in the evening (summer too)

Maybe, I am over-reacting but, what Mr. Barry better realize and what my son seemed to fail to remember when he took that money is that his mother is

part black . . .part white. . .but all crazy.

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