It's Been So Long . . I Miss You

2:59 PM

I was singing that song verse over and over. I couldn't remember the name or singer but after googling the entire chorus, I found out who sang it.

Hey guys, I missed you all. I have been around if you are a friend on Facebook or we are following each other on Twitter you know this. You also know I have been busy working on building the LLC and my other site. Also, you might know I am suffering from major heartbreak.

So, I am behind on everything because . . . depression is trying to drown me.

Yes, I have been giving myself morning pep talks and praying but, being the human I am I hurt.

Anyway, my lovely people.

I have worked out a schedule, I hope to stick to, where I can make time to blog here twice a week . . . well, at least once a week.

What else is going on. . . .

* I cut all my hair off. I posted a picture on FB, of the first cut however, now it is even shorter. I will have to take some pictures and post them.

* I am taking time to be with just me. I am not dating . . .at all. I haven't dated since, March of 2010 and I don't plan on considering dating until March 2011. Unless, one of two things happens. 1)A dream walks into my life 2)My dream walks into my life.
I just don't want to rebound date.

* I don't think there are any men in my city who I would want to date. I believe if I don't leave here soon, I will never date again.

Is there any good news?

* Yes, I am learning to change my negative and sarcastic attitude.

* I am learning to set aside my fears. I have allowed them to stifle my dreams long enough.

Until, next time . . .

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