Fear Takes a Bite

6:27 PM

In the county I live in there have been 72 recorded pitbull attacks. The number is probably a little higher. For some reason pitbull attacks are on the rise. I will admit, I have always been afraid of pitbulls. I know it is not the breeds fault they are the way they are. It is the fault of the people who are raising these animals.

I really do feel bad for these dogs. I wish that they were not so abused. I wish for an end of all animal abuse.

Back, in June. I was ran on by a pitbull.

I use to walk to work every morning. Since, I work the next neigborhood over and most of the walk was down hill. I also use to walk home which is mostly all up hill. It was good for me and I enjoyed the time to think, plan, and meditate.

I would walk out my door, down my street, and up a little hill. At the top of the hill there is a house with two pitbulls. The poor dogs are always tied outside, even in winter. They have houses but still, I have never seen the point of having a dog if all you are going to do is leave it tied outside all the time.
Anyway, the two dogs always bark when they see someone walk past. The smaller dog (which I found out later is the female) usually goes wild when she is barking trying to pull off the chain and come get you.

On this morning, I walk up the hill (I always walk on the opposite side of the street) and I notice the larger gray dog (which I found out is the male). On top of his dog house and he isn't barking. I thought that was strange but what was more strange was . . .where was the other dog. I look down by the fence there is the brown dog, staring at me.

I knew she was coming. I told myself, "you can not run just try to keep standing. Do not let that dog get you on the ground".

That dog jumped the fence and came running. A pitbull's mouth is so frightening. You can just see the power in those jaws. I strat swinging my purse and screaming at the top of my lungs. Every which way the dog turns I turn my body to face it. I want to remain face to face with that dog. For some reason she doesn't bite me, she backs up. I think she is surprised by my reaction. But, she is not done.

I think to myself, here she comes again. "I am going to fight her but, I know she is going to get me this time. So, I will just offer her my arm and punch it in the nose. Just please God don't let her take me down." She charges. There is a high pitch scream. She turns and runs back toward the house jumps the fence and goes in her house.

I am standing there chest heaving, waiting for her to decide to come back. When I noticed the little girl who leaves in the house out the upstairs window. Then, the father comes running out. He leashes the dog back up and I fall to the ground in tears.

Apparently, they brought the dogs new collars and hers was too loose. The dogs are reasonably cared for so, they are still there. Tied up all day. And I am thankful that it wasn't the male dog cause I think he would have mauled me badly.

Oh, and after everything was said and done. I went to work that afternoon.
This has been a long story.

Anyway, the dogs still live there. And I no longer walk that way out of fear. The other day, I tried. Told myself to face my fear. But three house away, from their's, I could not get my legs to move. My heart raced and I quickly turned and sprinted back to walk the longer way to catch a bus.

I don't think I will ever walk that way again.

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