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Early Morning-ism

Last week, I was running on empty. Besides, giving up sleep to plan, work on, and execute the business (which we will discuss in the next three to three hundred posts), I lost two days of sleep because of a field trip.

My son had a field to the state capital for a SADD event. The students had to be at the school by 4 AM. Last year when my daughter had to go, my ex-husband was able to drive her up to the school. This year he was having car trouble so, it was up to me to get my son to the school.

I couldn't find the letter with the date of the trip, but we knew it was that week. I told my son to ask when he went to school Tuesday. He forgot but, swore it was that Wednesday morning. I go along with it. I stayed up getting his things together. Did a little work went to lay in the bed. When I know I have to get up for something I tend to sleep very light, constantly watching the clock. At 3 AM, I got him up, dressed, and by 3:35AM we were on our way.

I don't drive so we had to walk 5 blocks, uphill, to the school. I was armed with my mace and cellphone and nothing else. Cold, dark, quiet walk.

We get there and there is not a soul in the parking lot. I can't be mad at my son because I am the one who lost the letter then trusted a 10 year old to get the right information.

My son is like "please wait a minute". We wait 15 minutes. Do you know a guy came walking pass and tried to "talk" to me. "Hey, what's your name?"

I look at him like do not f*ck with me. He says sorry and keeps walking. We turn to head back home. I get my disappointed son to go back to sleep so, he can get up for school. But, I can't sleep. Finally, it hits me go to the SADD site and see when the event is (would have been a useful thought at 7pm the night before). The event is the next day.

About 15 minutes before it is time to get my daughter up for school, I sit back on the couch and fall off. I wake up 30 minutes later. There is no way she is going to make it. Every minute counts because she is s-l-o-w in the mornings. She did hustle that morning but, I knew she would miss the bus. She did and the next one won't come for a hour so, she missed school. My son made it to school and me to work.

Next evening, my son is positive (from his friends chatter) the trip is that morning so, am I after reading the site.

This time, I am even more nervous and so was my son. I live in a decent neighborhood. But, you never know. My son asks me to carry both my pepper sprays. I do. Repeat the sleeping light to make sure I get up, get him ready, taking the quiet walk uphill to the school. This time there are cars. He is happy.

I wait until a trusted teacher comes, then I walk home. This time, I sit at my work area so I won't fall asleep. I wake my daughter on time and I get myself ready for work.
Dark circles and all.


Wow! Getting up at 3:00 am is BRUTAL!