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Dreaming Life Away

We all have them . . . those dreams that we just can't shake, when we wake.

Having the day off from work, I decided to sleep in just alittle. I woke up at my usual time, told myself I need to get up and work on other business but, I just wanted that extra snooze time.

Let the crazy dreaming begin. . .

My daughter went to school. My son and I started cleaning the game room (which of course didn't look my the game room). In my dream it was my house, it resembled my house, it had the layout of my house but, it was so different and even a little larger.

So, while my son and I are cleaning someone shows up at my door. My door is open but the screen is locked (something I never really do cause I am paranoid). It is a women who I recognized but, I really don't know who she is. I grab my son and we hide in the corner as she looks through the screen. She finally leaves. So, my son and I head up the stairs. The living room door is open but the glass screen door is locked (once again I never do that). Another women comes to my door. It is a high school friend, who I no longer speck to and haven't seen in years, I go to the door and step outside to talk to her. She asks me what is wrong with me. I tell her nothing. She then tells me a guy, who I never liked and really only spoke three words to when I attended community college, told her that I called him asking for money. She didn't even go to community college with me and the two of them (as far as I know) do not even know one another in real life.
Anyway, I deny ever calling him. So, to prove it she calls him on her cellphone. She hands me the phone while it is ringing. He answers. I ask him why he told her I asked for money. He hangs up on me.

Next, thing I know I am following her up the street and she is explaining she was in my neighborhood because a childhood friend had killed herself. I finally notice she is in black. I remember the girl who earlier came to my door was wearing black too. I am walking with this ex high school friend in shock as I notice other people walking up the street in black too. I am wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
We get to a building (in my neighborhood that in reality is not in my neighborhood)and the ex high school friend sits down in a chair where there are two older women sitting in chairs. I don't understand why she killed herself. They are saying something about unexplained occurrences. I want to know when the funeral is. Today at 3 but be here by 2 they tell me.

I tell them I will, I am going to go get dress and call my father so he can come with me (My father has been dead for about 6 years). I get home and I am trying to call my father but, I can't remember his phone number. I can't find it in my home phone or cellphone (I have looked through 4 of them. My children are there listening to me fuss and they are now older). Next thing I know my father shows up. Well, he is dark like my father, same height, but he doesn't exactly look like my father.

I tell him that I have been trying to call. That so and so killed herself. I asked him if he is going to the funeral (then I noticed he is already dressed for it)

and he said, "I never miss a funeral."

I woke up.
Maybe it is depression. Maybe it is the stress I am feeling over money and my house needing work. Maybe it is the stress of not wanting to fail or not making it in business. Maybe it is the fact that I am having pain and I will have to pay out the pockets for any test. But, I think that dream means . . .something really bad.


MsKnowitAll said…
hmmm this is a... crazy dream. i try to interpret my own dreams and while i am good at some and not so good at others, dreams are usually the reverse of what you may think. this may actually be a good dream... perhaps. i hope it is anyway.