Worked it Out

9:23 AM

First, thanks for all the love and kind words.

So, after all the fighting and emotions have died down. Things are really working out. It is so funny how we react first without thinking things out. I guess that is the downfall of being human. And well as some of you know I am one step from crazy myself.

I must admit that no matter what there is no one I would rather have as a partner then the one I have. We have history bad and great. And I know in the end he will fight for me and despite my moodiness continues to stick by me (all business people - no romance).

I am an emotional person. I react on emotions rather than with common sense and long thought out thinking. . .if that makes sense. I really have to learn to control my emotions. Especially, if I am going to survive and make successful my goals and dreams.

I tend to act, say something, or write something when my emotions are all over the place and my mind is clouded by them. Something I must stop. And sometimes it makes others who care for me react in ways to protect themselves.

One thing about empowering yourself is admitting and accepting your flaws then working on them. Especially, if they are a blocking the way to achievement and/or happiness.

On a side note:

* Please nominate for the Cosmo Awards.

Cosmo Awards.

* I have been hustling so much on projects and networking and contacting people, and planning that I am doing it in my sleep. So, girlie is tired but super excited.

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