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My Thoughts With Pictures: The Children

So, I have been very busy with (which involves much more now then just post a whole brand is being built), raising my children, and working. I have also been trying to learn how to work the Abobe Indesign program I recently got. It has so many programs, I want to learn them all (photoshop, acrobat, many more). . . for designing, publishing, and much more. And on top of it all write write write a novel.

But it is not all work and no play. And I have been taking pictures along the way. Still taking the . .I am carrying my camera everywhere . . for various reasons. Should make for interesting posting over the weeks.

Here we go . . . . . .

I wanted to share (weeks later) that my daughter is now headed to high school. She had her eighth grade promotion in June. It is so amazing and a little saddening with a touch of much joy that my baby girl has grown from 5 pounds 2 ounces into a beautiful young lady.

Despite, the attitude and smart lip once in a while she likes to try and give, she is still a sweet girl who spends most her time with mommy.

That brings me to my little man. I was watching him as he was sleeping on the love seat and just had to snap a picture. He surprisingly, weighed more than my daughter at birth . . a whopping 6 pounds 3 ounces.

He too is well-behaved and while he has his friends, in the house and most times, he stays near mommy. Some days it makes me scream but I know soon he (and she) might not want to be around me so much so I better enjoy it now.

My daughter is now 14 and my son is 10.

Yes, he really is 10. Yes, she is as tall as me. My son is not as dress up for her promotion because it was during school time and I had to take him out of class for the event.

I was going to post about other things but I have decided to leave this post all about them.

The two people I love more than . . .everything.


OMG...your son has not changed since he was a baby, his face is the same. Wow!
Luv said…
I was going to say the same thing! He looks exactly the have a beautiful family..

Enjoy and keep snapping pics..Memories are made from Moments...
Quick said…
...awww...your kids are growing up so fast!'s time for high school, that should be fun times, huh? lol
Regina said…
You have much to be proud of they are beautiful! The time passes much to quickly BUT they will always be our babies!
Stay blessed Mama!