Watch Yourself

12:17 PM

I have been in tears all weekend. Here is a warning when you decide to share a dream with someone . . . be careful.

Due to some legal issues of ownership of this and that I had to temporarily take Queen in Heels down for a few days. All because I didn't think with my head and thought with my heart.

At first I was going to throw in the towel walk away and start all over but then I realized that I created (March 2009 title and tag line), paid for (march 2009), and post daily on that site.
It is receiving the attention and upcoming deals because I have grinded daily to get into places.

Then find out I was stabbed in the back. I can't give details until I speak with a lawyer.

But after praying on it I know I can't walk away and now have to spend precious time and resources fighting for it.

Lesson learned.

Always get things in writing. Always sign contracts. Or better yet go it alone.

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