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Watch Yourself

I have been in tears all weekend. Here is a warning when you decide to share a dream with someone . . . be careful.

Due to some legal issues of ownership of this and that I had to temporarily take Queen in Heels down for a few days. All because I didn't think with my head and thought with my heart.

At first I was going to throw in the towel walk away and start all over but then I realized that I created (March 2009 title and tag line), paid for (march 2009), and post daily on that site.
It is receiving the attention and upcoming deals because I have grinded daily to get into places.

Then find out I was stabbed in the back. I can't give details until I speak with a lawyer.

But after praying on it I know I can't walk away and now have to spend precious time and resources fighting for it.

Lesson learned.

Always get things in writing. Always sign contracts. Or better yet go it alone.


Sheliza said…
Wow, I am truly sorry that this has happened but I am happy to hear that you are hanging in there. You should fight for what you have worked hard for. I wish you nothing but success in all you do. I was looking at your page on FB and was blown away by the number of fans you have. There's no turning back now!!! Blessings be with you :)

Shelly ♥
Rich Fitzgerald said…
Us trusting soles always learn the hard way.

There is a reason why the saying, "never mix business with pleasure" was born. Someone got dogged many many moons ago.

There is one thing that may not be as obvious at the moment - the thief does not have the ability to drive your vision. It's one thing to go along for the ride, it's another thing to take the wheel. You have the following, you have the vision and ensuing ideas, steer the traffic into another lane and leave them to drive with no gas. It's not the logo's that make the idea what it is, it's the woman behing them. Nobody can do YOU but you!
I'm co-signing with Rich. It is your vision and your dream. It wil all work out. You seem like such a fighter my sister. Fight on!!!
Lys said…
Sharon - what the heck? I'm so sorry - you've put your heart and soul into that site! *hugz* Everything in writing is a good motto to have.
Thank you everyone. I put it back online and will continue through until I/we work it all out.

I decided not to run and hide.
Quick said…
I hope it all works out Sharon. I'll be sending some up for you!