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1. I have decided to stay single and concentrate on business and nothing more, well, my children of course. Well, won't you know it . . . creeping up on me is a handsome man, good job, older than me (y'all know I was going younger) and I can't. I got to much on my plate and a belly that's full.

2. With that said some days I sure would like to cuddle. HAHA.

3. Why can I not sit and watch medical dramas because I don't want that stuff to happen to me but I watch crime drama all day?

4. Stress is making me bald.

5. Why did I allow myself to get in this situation?

6. I planned on posting other thoughts but these came out.


I am with you on #1 and #2 that is typically how it goes. Do not allow stress to get the best of you. Keep your head up and strut in those fabu heels.

Work it, work it (in my BEST Eddie Murphy in Boomerang voice when he was clapping saying Strange') LOL!
Lys said…
Hang in there - and I'm in agreement with the crime dramas :) NCIS - Gibbs - oh my heavens...
Yeah, #1 always happens when you least expect it too.