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Promoting my Love: My Site

So, here I am listening to Ciara's Goodies CD.

I woke thinking up this CD. Singing a few songs. Moving my body. Feeling pretty good. I like this CD. I can listen to the entire CD without skipping. Plus, it was time to give Maxwell a break.
So, here I am sitting at my dining room table with papers, magazines, notebooks, catalogs, markers and pens everywhere. I can't decide where I want to work from home at. I tried my bedroom but the bed and TV interfere with my productivity. I have my desk down in the game room but the TV, children, and not feeling the space made me not get things done. So, now I am at the dining room table trying to see if this feels right. I covered the table with a plastic cloth (can't have the glass scratched) and it may work but I hate the mess. Plus, I would have to bring more items into my dining room which would mean it will no longer be magazine clean.

I don't have an extra room so, something has to give. I figure that if things work out I'll be moving soon anyway. Or at least rent an office space.
So, the dining room looks like it will become the office and the living room (which no one sits in) a storage space. I have orders of bags and other things coming in.

Notice how I like to say so . . a lot. Well, so what. HAHA.

Besides, business I need to get back to writing. That plays a major part in the upcoming plans.

I got to get my hustle on.

For those of you who haven't guessed . . I have another site too.

Queen in Heels is about two things high heels and empowering women. (Something I had to remind myself of when I was moping) It was time to get back on the throne.

So, the site is about to undergo major changes . . . games, a community, etc . .and I am super excited (and one major project being planned . . I am so gitty about it).

But the reason I am talking about it here is because for my lovely ladies who are reading this I want to tell you about two features.

First are the interviews: Queens in Heels . . those are for women who are making waves, striving hard, accomplishing goals, and chasing dreams. So, if you are interested let me know. (We will need a picture of you to put up with the interview . . and I like to interview preferably by phone . . don't like email much)(plus any links or things you want mentioned go up).

Second the guest spots: If you want to write a post. All credit and linking back to you and your spot . . about heels, empowerment, or both (any photos pertaining to the post will do)Let me know.

For both: they will be featured on the home page for two weeks.

my email:


Sheliza said…
It's good to "see" you and I am gonna get your for your LOL SMH and OMGing!
freedom said…
Been a while, but always good to re-connect. Having a dilemma as to where to get it done is a good thing - let's you know that have something to do. Some of us are so unfocused and lacking of direction. Good to see that is not you. Like you, I need to get back to writing. I got my book of poems ready for publication and re-started a novel that I set aside a while back, so I am pumped. I get your e-mails from Queen in Heels. Kudos on a great job. I may be a heterosexual male but I just L-O-V-E heels on women! I have seen some great ones in the e-mails. Kudos again. Space will come. The right one will probably hit you when you least expect it. Keep on making it do what it do. Peace.
freedom said…
I forgot - thanks for the Ciara comments. I have always wanted to check her out but never took the time. Perhaps now, I will. Thanks. Peace.
Well alright girly. I can't wait to see the new site and see what you have done with it.
Luv said…
i am interested in both..but in a to get thru this current storm..i am also following you on Twitter.. we need to talk cuz great minds think alike woozers
Anonymous said…
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