Pet Peeves

4:35 PM

I am sitting here trying to think positive and be happy but . . .


1. Men who don't take no for an answer. If I have told you for the last three weeks I am not interested . . GUESS WHAT? I am NOT interested.

2. Running the vacuum three times a day cause the dog is shedding. I am not mad at the dog. He can't help it.

3. The fact that for the last three weeks I have ignored the fact that the weeds need pulled in the front yard from among the flowers. Maybe this weekend I will take care of it . . my neighbors hate me :)

4. Black people and the term "stop snitching". I guess we rather have crime ridden neighborhoods. I am sorry but have a prayer vigil is not going to make it stop.

5. Sending someone something a week ago and still sitting around waiting for an answer.
My time is vaulable too.

6. Typing this when I should be working on the media kit. It not the blog it is my lack of staying focus that bothers me.

That is what is botherig me right at this moment . . tomorrow there will be more .. I am sure.

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