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I Know Blog Sorry

* I know I haven't blogged here in a few. Don't know what it is. It is not that I couldn't make the time it is just that I haven't felt like it.

* I have been suffering from a brokeheart for the last two months. Seems it will last for a few more.

* How can I go to the nail salon on Friday to get my toes done and the polish is chipped off Monday. #FAILNAILSALON I haven't been anywhere all weekend.

* Any time I put in a CD . . .it is Maxwell (with a once in a moment Chrisette Michelle). He is the only one who can soothe me and comfort me. I mean all day on repeat. I just took all my favorites put them on CD and let them play.

* At work there is a song that comes on the radio I am l-o-v-i-n-g. Downloaded it. Don't listen to it yet at home . . because of the Maxwell need.
Uprising by Muse . . .this song rocks!

* Speaking of work. I am on the 5 month plan to leave. September is the month. If I don't get fired first. I know that is bad to say. I can't afford to but my attitude of no caring may make it sooner.
As much as I need a job the stress is not worth it. Hopefully, everything in the plans will fall in place.
Hell, I'll work at Mickey D's. Sike. No I won't. Let me quit lying.


MsKnowitAll said…

I am so sorry for your broke heart. May you recover quickly. Huggggs to ya!

How you feel about Maxwell, I feel for Raheem DeVaughn right about now.

May everything be in place for you to step from that worksite in September... or sooner.
I doubt the recovery will come quickly.

I went through a Raheem DeVaughn phase once. He is cool.

I hope so too.

Thanks for the hug.
Dearest Blog Sis,

Sending you big (((HUGS)))

For me it was Sade, Prince, MeShell and slow tracks from the first Ginuwine album. I swear MeShell must've read my mind with the 'Bitter' album.

Hoping your broken heart will heal and mend. Sometimes we need to wallow but don't you wallow in that self-pity too long!!! Pick your head up (in those fantabulous heels I am sure you are wearing today) and face life head on.

Take your lesson and good memories from this heartache and keep living with your head up and heart open. Love hurts sometimes but it also evolves. It will find you again, when you least expect it.
Luv said…
Hey lady..
Love will do that to you. It will lift you up and it will put you flat on your behind..

your love slump sounds like mind.. it started with Maxwell, went to Chrisette, then to Alicia Keys and now it is Monica..

It's funny how music can do what people can't do for the soul when we are down and out.

May your song choices move you in the direction that you need to be
Sheliza said…
Hey woman, hope that broken heart finds its way back to being whole again. Looks like you have a good way to help yourself along. Best wishes for your plans to go the way you desire :)
@ Kay C . . way to make me cry. Thany you so much for the comment. I keep telling myself to accept and move on . .but when you think you found the one and this happens.
At first I was doing well but it seems lately it finally hit me.

I am going to keep stepping in my heels.

@Luv .. girl I had the air knocked out of ma and ended up flat on my back.
Music does help. It gets me crying, then laughing, then dancing.

@Sheliza . . thank you. I am trying to focus on the goal to getting where I want to be in a few months. With fingers crossed and loud prayers.

. . .to all of you (including Kelly) thanks for the kind words. I say it was two months but more like one and I really appreciate you all.