I Know Blog Sorry

9:11 AM

* I know I haven't blogged here in a few. Don't know what it is. It is not that I couldn't make the time it is just that I haven't felt like it.

* I have been suffering from a brokeheart for the last two months. Seems it will last for a few more.

* How can I go to the nail salon on Friday to get my toes done and the polish is chipped off Monday. #FAILNAILSALON I haven't been anywhere all weekend.

* Any time I put in a CD . . .it is Maxwell (with a once in a moment Chrisette Michelle). He is the only one who can soothe me and comfort me. I mean all day on repeat. I just took all my favorites put them on CD and let them play.

* At work there is a song that comes on the radio I am l-o-v-i-n-g. Downloaded it. Don't listen to it yet at home . . because of the Maxwell need.
Uprising by Muse . . .this song rocks!

* Speaking of work. I am on the 5 month plan to leave. September is the month. If I don't get fired first. I know that is bad to say. I can't afford to but my attitude of no caring may make it sooner.
As much as I need a job the stress is not worth it. Hopefully, everything in the plans will fall in place.
Hell, I'll work at Mickey D's. Sike. No I won't. Let me quit lying.

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